Thursday, September 2, 2010

Some snap shots and a little post

Here is a little look into a day with my younger two. We worked on some music, counting (with chocolate- the only way to learn counting!) and colors. Like most moms, we teach throughout the day, using all sorts of real life experiences to teach our kiddos. We do the same in our house and today I thought ahead to show you some cute pics of our day.

Good morning Sunshine!

Big girl playing the keyboard.

Sisters playing together (and not fighting over it!).

Happy little snorty face!

Ainsley said, "I love my sister so much!"

Ains said,"Take a picture wif my face yike dis."

Still playing nicely!

Another, "Take a picture wif my face yike dis."

So precious!

My cute little Babby Cakes!

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