Monday, October 4, 2010


Today was Monday.
Not much to report.
I had a dr's appt.
At said appt, Ains informed me that she wishes she we a fish.
Yes, that would be the life.
You know, except for fishermen and bigger fish that would try to eat you.
But, I went with it and agreed that it would be great to be a fish.

Abby is teething and it is not pretty.
Drool, crying, chewing on everything, drool, nasty diapers, drool...did I mention drool?
Yes, that is what is plaguing poor Abby.

Adison had a great day at school.
She continues to be hilarious and says the funniest things.
She also has the sweetest heart for her sisters.

Yesterday, Ainsley decided she was M.C. Hammer and tried to do the Hammer Dance.

That is all, good night!
Pictures tomorrow, I promise!

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