Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A beautiful family {wedding style}

The wedding was beautiful.
The thought and attention put into each detail was amazing.
The love that the couple had for one another was captivating.
I was/am so very honored to have been a part of such a special day.
A day where two people make a pledge before God, their family and friends.
A day that forever unites two families and makes them into a bigger one.

We had such an amazing time being a part of this day.
To have laughed and loved with them.
{To endure the heat too, ha ha!} 

The pictures are all over the place, there were so many great ones to pick that I just grabbed them.

 The newlyweds: my brother and his bride Betsy.

 Our youngest and Joe & Betsy's little girl {my niece} Cameron.

 Adison and K at the reception.
Adison made two new friends and was pretty much running around and playing with them the entire time.
We are lucky to have gotten a picture with her, ha ha.

 My step-mom and dad.

 My uncle, step-dad and mom.
We were so blessed that all of our side of the family was able to come.

 At the rehearsal.
My soon-to-be-sister-in law, me and Abby's head.

 This is at the rehearsal dinner.
This picture makes me smile so I just had to include it.
My dad was playing with Abby and K snapped a photo of the largest smile ever!

 They had a pink candy bar.
How amazing is this!?!

 Isn't this the sweetest picture!
Yes, my brother chose pink.
Yes, my husband loves my family enough to wear pink.
He may or may not be thrilled that I put this picture on here.

 K's parents came down for the wedding.
This is K's mom and pretty much the only picture of Ainsley smiling.
She was being really shy with the camera.
His parents were so helpful with the child wrangling as K and I were both in the wedding party.
Thanks Bob & Terrie!

 All four of the granddaughters.
I love this picture.
I have so many more pictures to share.
Maybe I will sprinkle some in here or there.
I had such a hard time limiting how many I put in this post.

P.S. I have more wedding photos and personal touches to share later.