Monday, July 11, 2011

I said no!

 On of Abby's sassy faces, pic taken by my friend Jennifer.

Ainsley and Abby have a real love/hate relationship going on.
They have their moments of sweetness but more often than not Ainsley is driving Abby ABSOLUTELY INSANE.
Lee just wants to control Abby and be in charge.
Abby on the other hand is fiercely independent and does not want ANYONE telling her how to do things.
Yep, they are 3 1/2 and 1 1/2 and fight/bicker/yell incessantly.
I should in all fairness report that they also hug/share/hold hands/play incessantly as well.
You never know how each moment is going to go with them, they like to keep me on my toes.

They are also little partners in crime.
I heard the Dustbuster had been turned on and discovered that not only did they unplug it and turn it on but they also managed to take it apart.
This morning was really no different.
There was the sweetness and the sour going on. 

They were playing on the slide in our living.
{Yes we have one in our living room because we are cool like that crazy.}
When I hear Ainsley start to boss Abby around.
Abby yells, "NO!!!!"

Then Abby starts walking towards me.
Now, when Abby is angry she does the whole foot slapping, swaggering walk.
So she is walking towards me with her feet a' slappin' and her hips a' shakin' when she looks over at me and I kid you not said:
I told her NO!
Then continued on her merry little sassy way.
I burst into laughter.
I mean what else can you do when your 1 1/2 year old does something like this!?!

I think it was the way that she said it.
No yelling, just the tone and body language.

First of all, I was shocked that she said a four word sentence.
That has never happened.

Second, I was shocked at the sassy factor.
Third, I was shocked at the cute factor.

This child is darling and funny!
{It won't be funny though when she turns on me, it will happen, I know it.}

Yep, this girl cracks me up!

Minutes later she put the Dustbuster down the slide.
Then giggled about it.
Never a dull moment.


  1. That voice of hers will serve her well being the third child and all! I am number three too but I had brothers above and below me!! Your girls are so adorable!

  2. Love it! Our third child is spicy. He just came out that way. hahaha... Isn't it wonderful how God made each of them so different?

  3. Sounds like my house. A & E drive me nuts with their love hate relationship and apparent ownership of L. Which of course they fight over who has that ownnership. Until I step in and say, "No, L is my baby!" lol

  4. Your story made me laugh. How could you not laugh!

    I've been struggling with my girls, fighting, but the are older and it not quite as cute. I still laugh at them tough.:)