Friday, July 15, 2011

The best dinner

Okay, so the picture is simply awful.
In my defense the food looked so good that I couldn't wait to eat it.
Then I reheated leftovers for lunch, which again, looked so good that I couldn't help but eat it.
Hence, this sad, awful picture.

K found a recipe online for cilantro lime rice {similar to Chipotle's}.
This isn't the exact recipe he looked at.
{Plus, it's K and he doesn't really use recipes...EVER.}

Okay, back to it.
K called last night saying that he was going to stop by the grocery store to pick up ingredients for the already mentioned rice.

My mind quickly sprung to: 
frozen corn
black beans

After bringing home the supplies, K got to working on the rice.
We had leftover rice from a previous dinner so he prepped the lime and cilantro.
Add then got to mixing it all up.

I worked on the other stuff.
{super easy}

He bought the steam in the bag kind of corn so I cooked it according to the directions.
Next for the black beans all I did was drain and rinse them and tossed them in a glass bowl.
I then added the corn, mixed it and added some fresh cracked black pepper.

We also had some leftover grilled pork loin so K reheated it.

Next for the avocado.
I am a purest when it comes to avocados.
I love the way they taste and don't like to busy it up.

All I did was slice it, scope it, add salt and pepper {to taste} and mash it up with a fork.
So so so good.
We really like avocado so I used two.

We normally leave everything separate {you can kind of tell in the above picture} because the kids like putting food together.

*I* put the rice, corn/black bean combo and a sprinkle of shredded cheddar cheese in a bowl, mixed it up and put a generous amount some of the mashed avocado on top.

Adison added taco sauce.
K added salsa and pork.
Lee ate everything separate.
Abby mashed all of hers together.

Basically we all made it to taste and inhaled.
Then I repeated it at lunch.
If I'm being honest I am even considering some for dinner too.


We will definitely be making this again, I see it becoming a family favorite.

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