Thursday, July 21, 2011

Some words

We have thoroughly enjoyed are time away from home.
The change of scenery and especially our time hanging out with the cousins and my sister-in-law has been just what was needed.
The kids haven't been fighting as much and Ainsley seems to be mellowing a bit.
It has been so nice chatting with Anna and just doing life together with our kiddos.

We are heading home tomorrow.
I am so ready to see K.
I really miss him and I know the kids have too.

Yesterday afternoon we braved the heat and went to Trader Joe's for the first time.
It had just opened and was PACKED.
It was seriously stressful as I had all the kids with me and there were people everywhere.
We picked up a few things and had fun looking at all the different things there.

This morning we {us + SIL + cousins} headed over to Target and had a blast.
We got some popcorn and the kids had a blast chomping on it and talking and holding hands.
Lee was affectionately calling two of her cousins "best friend".
Abby was so tired after our morning jaunt to Target that she slept through me carrying her upstairs AND changing her diaper.

I just realized that school starts really soon.
While I think it will be good to get into a routine again I really enjoy the fluidity of summer.
We basically do what we want to do when we want to.
Abby can nap whenever she wants to, Adison can sleep in a bit.
It's just a lot more relaxed.

Ugh, I am really tired.
Maybe that's why my creative juices aren't flowing...
I didn't sleep well last night and the girls got up EARLY.
I'm hoping to snap out of my creative funk right now so that I can write more entertaining posts.
Sorry for the bleh.

I *plan* on doing Good, Bad and Funny tonight.
Hopefully I will see you later :)


  1. I think all of your posts are interesting! They are filled with adorable antics how could they not be!

  2. I agree. I'm always entertained.

  3. I am glad the girls are mellowing a bit! Being a Mommy to my 1 is hard, I can't imagine how draining (and amazing at the same time :)) Mommy to 3 would be! On a completely different note-I really wish they would put a trader joe's or whole foods in MI!!

  4. The thing about Trader Joe's is that they are ALWAYS like that. Narrow aisles and lots of clueless people stopping in the middle of the aisle not realizing there is a flow to thing. Ah well. Sounds like you have had a great visit, but are ready to be home. Can't say that I blame you. Safe travels home!