Sunday, July 17, 2011

Sunday Night Randomness

This weekend was an odd one. I don't know if it's because we are essentially trapped in the house due to the heat or what. We are under an extreme heat warning, it's almost 8:00 {the post took a while to write, K and I watched a movie, he he} at night and the heat index is 108. It's only supposed to get hotter too, bleh.

~Yesterday K took Adison to see the new Harry Potter movie, they both loved it! We are big HP fans in our house, Adison is now reading the series.

~After church last night we took the kids to Orange Leaf, it's a new frozen yogurt place here in town. Abby and I were saving table so K took the big girls through the line. He got mine for me and he made some GOOD choices, snickerdoodle and wedding cake. Yum! They had really neat chairs that Abby was crawling through, it was really funny.

~ Funny Ainsley-isms:
K and Adison were doing her math flashcards. Lee then decided that she wanted to do flashcards too.
K: What is 2-2?
Lee: A unicorn?

K made coffee tonight and for some reason Lee decided that she wanted to smell it.
Lee: Your coffee smells like bears!
K: Really Ainsley? Have you smelled bears?
Lee: Yes I have.

~The girls and I went over to my dad and step-mom's the other day and the kids played outside in the sprinkler. I got some really fun photos that day.

~Lee was SUPER CRANKY today. Wow, it was insane how cantankerous she was. K snapped this photo of her while I was giving her "piggy tails."

No, believe it or not, she was not kidding. She was seriously this upset. Part of the reason she was so upset was that "my piggies are messed up!" Hence me fixing them.

~Yesterday after church we were driving in the car when I mentioned to K that the lady in the car next to us gave me the stink eye. The girls thought that was HYSTERICAL and for a while afterwards everything was giving us the stink eye. Kids hear and pick up EVERYTHING.

Okay, I promise I will have a better post tomorrow. I hope that everyone had a safe weekend!


  1. aww. I love the cantankerous look :D Reminds me of my A lol E said something so funny today and of course my mommy brain cannot remember. I need to write this stuff down lol

  2. I thought this post was great! Cute, cute kids.
    It's hot here, too. The last I checked, the H.I. here was 119 yesterday. Our a/c is having trouble keeping up.

  3. Even pouting she is still too cute! How do you keep a straight face when she looks at you like that?? Hehehe ;)

  4. It's been hot and humid here also so we've been inside in the A/C for the most part too. Those chairs at the yogurt place do look like fun, and the pics of your girls are adorable. That last face is too cute! :p

  5. Oh Ainsley is even cuter when she is mad! Nothing wrong with this post I liked it!

  6. Oh ma gosh that cranky face is THE BEST! I love that you took a picture of it too : )

  7. Better post? This was hilarious! My 5-year-old was crying last week because her pony tails were uneven! And I am so impressed with Lee's math skills.