Wednesday, April 10, 2013


I told myself that I would get better about blogging and I haven't.
Sorry friends.
I will try again to get better about posting everyday, even if its just a quick little blurb.

I have to remind myself that the reason that I write in this little space is for my kids someday.
They will be able to look back and see what our lives were like.
So, I need to get better about posting more regularly.

It's also good for me, I feel better when I can get all of the thoughts that jumble around in my mind out.

Ainsley had some productive quiet time a week or so ago.
While Abby and B nap, Ainsley and I have some quiet time.
On this day she lined up all of her Squinkies and then asked if she could take pictures of them.
Her little mind is so orderly, everything has a place.
She likes things to be tidy and just so.
She would get them lined up, ask me to look at them, then line them up another way, lather, rinse, repeat.

Last Saturday we had some errands to run.
The girls, without any prompting, all decided to wear pink.
Not just any pink though, it was the same color.
They were even feeling very friendly towards one another, I had to document the moment.

Mama, are they sparkly?
Sill goose.
She is so independent, the things that she already knows how to do or is willing to try is astonishing.
She's also so tiny that I often get comments about how daring she is.
Daring and sassy, an interesting combination.

I'm still chugging away at my "get in shape before summer" routine, but sometimes things need to be mixed up a bit.
Sometimes indulging is a nice thing to do, all things in moderation, right?
These Cheetos are delish.
They are my kind of snack food, cheese + salt + crunch = happy happy happy
The circle ones with the grid thing on them were the family fav, the kids ended up picking all of them out of the bag and eating them first.

I did some heavy duty deep cleaning on Sunday.
We had already done some spring cleaning on the main floor but the upstairs {the kids realm} was a disaster.
After asking them repeatedly {ad nauseum} to clean up there messes, I stepped in the get the job done.
The kids NEVER like it if K or I end up picking up there messes for them, many a thing gets thrown away.
My thought is that if I have asked repeatedly for something to get picked up and it hasn't been done, then it must not be that important.
Of course, that's not a blanket statement, I do actually pay attention to what get 86'ed but stuff does get tossed.
After 3 hours of exhaustive cleaning and working up a sweat, K went out to get me a treat.
It was delicious.

It seems like our car issues just keep a'comin'.
We got the van back a couple of weeks ago after having to replace the fuel pump among other things.
On Friday I kept hearing something that sounded like I was dragging a twig under the van when I would go over a bump.
I looked under the van to see the bracket that holds the fuel tank up was hanging down.
They were able to get it in first thing Monday morning and get it fixed for free since it hadn't been attached properly.
Yay for free!

Also on Monday, K's cousin Tiffany, her husband and their two kiddos came in town.
While Eric was at meetings, Tiff and I got together with the kiddos.
Swimming at their hotel, lunch and playtime at an indoor playground.
The kids had a blast and it was fun to do life with Tiffany.
This pic is her oldest, Danny, and Abby.
The two of them get along like peas and carrots.
They are such little dolls.

Chloe, our oldest cat, is kind of a weirdo.
If you leave a hair tie out she will take it and put it in the cats' food bowl.
She doesn't eat them or anything, just hoards them like they are a treasure.
I can't tell you how many times I've caught her pushing things around on my nightstand looking for a hair tie.
If you catch her in the act she will let out a chirpy little meow and run away as fast as possible with her loot in her mouth.

I finally went to the gym today.
My photographic proof is this, a picture that I sent to K asking him what the name of this movie is.
But, I made it and worked it and burned off some calories.
Operation Get Ready for Summer at the Pool is still in effect.

I'm going to try to be here more often lovelies, how are y'all doing?

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