Monday, April 29, 2013

Are you there?

You know you've fallen off of the blogging wagon when your husband comments on the lack of posts.

Yes, I'm still here.
Yes, I'm still wanting to blog but feel ... I don't know, a lack of material.
Not to say that things have been dull around here, no, not one bit.

I've been keeping up with my Instagram lately, it's quick and right there on my phone.
My profile is private simply because I post a ton-o-pics of the girls but send me a request on there and we can be pals.

So, this idea running through my mind lately was doing something like a gratitude week.
Every day writing three things that you are grateful for or happy about.
I think that might help get me out of my writing funk, care to join?
Pretty please???

Around here lately:

::last weekend it has been 7 years since we found out that Miss Emma Grace died.
It's hard sometimes, my heart can't forget, it has a need to remember her.
I don't want to forget, I want to remember her, it's hard though because life does move on.
Most important though is that my girls know her, they know that she's waiting in Heaven for them, that great-grandma is rocking her on her lap and talking to Jesus.

::we've had another bug run through our house, this time is a back-breaking cough that goes on and on and on.
I was so sick last Wednesday that B didn't come over and I didn't work in the nursery at church on Saturday night.
I ::hope:: I'm finally getting over this thing, Adison is also I think, we're the last two holdouts.

::my van is acting up again.
I wish we really did have a money tree growing out back because it would be really helpful.
If it's not one thing it's another.

::now that the weather is nice {although I heard the words snow and Thursday on the radio today}K and I have been talking about getting some work down outside.
We need to scrape and stain the front and back porches and paint the front porch beams.
I think that we are going to need to mow soon as well, we've been getting so much rain!

::K brought me some coconut popsickles from the store the other day.
Oh my word, they were soooo good!
I'll find out the brand and share, holy smokes y'all are going to want to get some.

::I'm super excited, I ordered some lip balm from one of my most favorite bloggers, Anna, tonight.
I have super sensitive lips {weird} and I can't wait to give her lip balms a try.
She has an Etsy store, check it out!

I think that's all I've got for now lovelies, my nighttime cough medicine is kicking in and I'm getting sleepy.
See ya on the flip side, xo


  1. Um - I NEED to know more about these coconut popsicles.
    We have snow and Friday in our forecast. I am SO excited ;-) I love it. We should've had the a/c on yesterday, but my cheap little hiney couldn't bear to turn it on. I got in trouble yesterday when our thermostat reached 78. Oops. I just can't bear to turn on the heat and the a/c during the same week. And, I think we'll be needing it on Friday as our high is only 38. But today, that a/c is going to need to come on. Oh well. I'll survive.
    I published my first blog post last night after 10 1/2 months.

    1. Next time I go to the store I will look for them, they were so good! They had little shavings of coconut in them and were oh-so-good!
      I don't mind the cold weather, I just wish that Mother Nature could make up her mind, I'm so tired of us all getting sick due to the up and down temps. K and I were talking about turning on the air because oh my word the humidity, but decided not to b/c it is supposed to cool down. {Says the woman with two fans going and praying the cooler temps happen!}
      Could you send me the link for your new blog again? I can't find it :(
      How are you and your family doing?
      xo, D

  2. Our a/c came on yesterday - just as promised :-) And then I got so hot last night that I couldn't sleep. I think it cooled off outside, so the a/c quit running, but it was still warm inside. It's 51 right now and I'm opening the windows just because I need some COLD :-)
    It was supposed to rain all night last night. We didn't get a drop. Hopefully we get the rain predicted tonight. We are in the process of restoring our yard that was damaged even before the drought last summer, so we need rain rain rain.
    My blog is
    We're doing alright. I talked to my g'ma Sunday night, and she sounded good. My uncle has been going to church, so I'm really thankful for that. He took my aunt's Bible the first week and found a letter she had written for him to find after she went to heaven. Very sweet. I forgot to ask my g'ma if he went back to work yet. He meant to a few days after the funeral but ended up not. I'm sure he has now. But you just never know.