Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Eleventy billion things

Happy Wednesday my loves!
At least I think it's Wednesday ... my kids (yes, all three of them) have decided to contract a stomach bug.
The things coming out of my children are horrifying, the smell, well, lets just say that there has been a lot of: laundry washing, bath taking, disinfecting and candles being lit.
I *think* we are at the end of this mess, although I thought that last night only to discover that Ainsley had thrown up off the side of the bed sometime in the middle of the night.
I'm not holding my breath.
(except for when I'm cleaning the previously mentioned filth)
I am praying with all my might that K and I avoid this, please please please let this skip the two of us.
Yes, that's the sound of desperation.

I'm working backwards with this post because that's how the pics downloaded off of my phone and rather than fighting it I decided to go with it.

This turkey had her well-check on Monday.
She was NOT please about having to wear the "big pajamas", at all.
I snapped this pic to send home to K who was home with Lee.
She would not smile, she was ticked.
Don't mess with her and her clothing choices.
She later informed me that she'd rather be naked then have to wear the gown, I foresee massive clothing battles in our future.

These two.
They laugh, they fight, they laugh some more, but most of all they love each other dearly.
This was on Abby's fourth birthday.
When anyone asked how her day was she was respond to everyone with, "I'm fouah!"
She had a blast.
We had a blast.
Yes, it was forever ago.
No, I didn't blog about it.
Because I'm an awful blogger!
We had fun trick-or-treating with some of our small group.
It was lovely, can't wait to do it again next year!

I'm a redhead now and I'm loving it.
I dyed my hair while we were visiting my mom and step-dad.
That weekend was amazing and I need to blog about that as well.
It was awesome and we met some online friends in person for the first time.
It was epic.
I need to blog about that, too.
See, bad blogger.

And because my children insist on getting older every year, Adison and Ainsley demanded to turn a year old.
I tried to stop it but Ainsley told her that Jesus told her she could and you can't argue with Jesus.
We celebrated their birthdays together at one of my favorite places, they make cupcakes and not just any cupcakes, the best cupcakes ever.

I hope you are doing well, how's life treating you?
Let's catch up.


  1. Oh NO! I wrote a comment last night, but it's not here. Oh well. I'm good at rambling, so I can start all over :-)
    I miss reading your blog, but I never post on mine anymore, so I understand that when things get busy, the blog gets pushed to the back. (I didn't even get busy...I just lost my interest.)
    We're looking forward to a move...probably to Texas, but we're just waiting to see where God leads us. And when He leads us.
    Other than that, same 'ole same 'ole. I hope you manage to avoid the bug. I can't imagine dealing with 1 sick kid let alone 3 :-)

  2. (I THINK I hit "sign out" "rather than "publish" last night. I think that because I almost did it just now.)