Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The fireplace thingy- finished!

This was the antique fireplace tool thingy that I pulled out from under our front porch.
It was in rough shape, rough.
But, I knew that it had some serious potential.
Well, potential to be used outside, not inside.

I started with a wire brush and scrubbed the thing to get all of the loose, rusted stuff off.
Then I scrubbed it some more.
And some more.

Then, I set next to one of the bushes and pondered what color I wanted to paint it.

I eventually settled on aqua {shocker!} but after a trip to Lowe's I discovered that they didn't have any Rustoleum in that color available.
While looking at all of the colors I finally decided on a beautiful apple green color and could not wait to get home and paint it.

Well, K was still working on the steps and it was super windy, I didn't want to risk ANY spray paint getting on the steps.
That would have spelled T-R-O-U-B-L-E.

Monday though, the wind had died down considerably, so after a trip to the gym and ANOTHER trip to Lowe's {sigh} I spray painted it.
{Sorry for the crummy picture}

I love that the paint brought out all of the pretty details on it.
It is so much more intricate and interesting that it originally appeared in all of it's rusty glory.

It's a diamond in the rough if I do say so myself.
And to think, it cost me less than $4 to achieve a fun addition to our yard and that was only for the spray paint.

1. Now I just have to decide what to do with it. Leave it as is or should I try to hang some little flower containers from the little arm things?

2. What else can I now spray paint this gorgeous shade of green???