Friday, April 6, 2012


life rearranged

I'm posting this late.
I am feeling better but was up half of the night coughing.
K stayed home from work today so I could catch some zzzzz's.
He's been such a huge help today, thanks babe!

Easter is this weekend, I'm looking forward to church this weekend and celebrating our Lord's rising.

Abby, oh goodness, this girl has been a handful this week.
She thinks it's so funny to pull down her dress and say "Privacy, privacy!"
I try to ignore it, hoping she will stop, but then it's funny and I can't help but laugh.

I showed you the funny side of Abby, welcome to the not-so-fun-side.
Homegirl has been CRANKY!
I'm talking throwing herself on the floor in the grocery store with a lot of people around.
Screaming her head off so loud that I got more pitying stares than I think I have ever received.

My sweet girl, she is growing up so fast.
It seems like she is growing up faster and faster.
I am so not ready for this.
At all.

Ainsley has been into taking pictures lately.
She is really good at the sneak shots, ha ha.
During this one I was changing baby B's diaper.

Ainsley brought this picture home from school the other day.
It's a princess and her baby that is in bed.
The green lines are aliens that are attacking them.
This girl has a vivid, goofy imagination.


  1. Kids have the best imaginations!!!!

    1. Ha ha, yes they do! Thanks for stopping by!

  2. I like the eww face you have in the sneak shot. And awesome job Ainsley, such creativity!

    1. She caught me with that one! She draws awesome pictures!