Monday, April 16, 2012

Chalkboard cabinets

 My kids love chalk.
I love it when my kids are happy.
Happy kids = Happy mom

I have been in a DIY {do it yourself} mood lately.
As mentioned before, I ripped all of the wallpaper off of our kitchen walls on Easter evening.
While sick.
After the kids went to bed.
For fun.

Not normal, not me.

I've also been spending a lot of time outside working on projects and clearing things up.
In fact, I have ENJOYED doing it.
Again, not normal, not me.

We live in Kansas.
Think hot, humid, muggy.
Also cold, frigid, where have my toes gone to?
We do have four seasons, but Spring and Fall normally last about, well, two weeks.
The weather here is not forgiving.
Meaning that there is a large portion of the year that it is either way too hot or way too cold to go outside.

Combining my children's love for chalk with my DIY spirit, I decided to paint our kitchen cabinets with chalkboard paint.
We picked up the supplies on Sunday and by Sunday afternoon, after the cabinets were scrubbed down and dried, the paint was flying.

After seeing the lower cabinets with two coats of paint on last night K and I decided that we would only paint the lowers with the chalkboard paint.
Otherwise it was just way too dark for our kitchen.
Seeing as we also need to paint our kitchen walls I am planning on repainting the upper cabinets as well.
Why not, right?

I will post pictures, but I wanted to give the cabinets 24 hours to completely dry.
Plus I still need to put the hardware back on them.

We are all super excited to see how it turns out, fingers crossed it is a smashing success!

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