Friday, March 30, 2012


life rearranged

 It's Friday folks!
Can you believe it!?!
That means it's time to link up and share your weekly cell phone pics.

My little ballerina.
Homegirl is loving herself some ballet.
Every Monday she can hardly contain her excitement, it's ballet day!
I'm so happy that I signed her up for two sessions, more ballet, yay!

Spring has arrived here in Kansas and with it comes all of our Spring activities.
Soccer practice at the lake, awesome.
Adison is loving it!
It helps that her bff is on the same team with her, even more exciting!
She has her first game in a couple of weeks, I can't wait to see it.

I watch my niece on Tuesdays, it is so fun seeing Abby and Cameron play together.
Snack time in the same chair, priceless.
I feel so blessed that my girls are growing up with their cousins, it is such a special relationship.

Gas prices.
I have been avoiding getting gas in the van because I cringe when I see the prices.
I balked when I finished filling the tank.

Yesterday we had to get the van looked at due to the accident from last Sunday.
The guy that was checking out the damage told Abby about this moth.
I think it's a moth.
Anyone know?
This thing was massive, easily the size of my palm.
Abby LOVED it and kept saying "Hi!".


  1. Cute pic of the girls! And sadly I heard gas prices may get up to $5 soon. I will be staying home all the time to tell you the truth.

  2. LOVE the ballerina picture! So cute. I wish I could get my girls in dance!