Thursday, March 8, 2012

The Good, the Bad and the Funny

The Good: we are all ALMOST healthy. It's ALMOST the weekend. I start training for my 5K this weekend, I *need* to be doing it already but I haven't. So I am meeting up with two of my friends, accountability does wonders for me. Adison and Ainsley don't have school on Friday, I'm thinking we will make it a pajama day instead. K bought me a sweet red and black plaid, vintage wool coat on eBay, I need to take a pic and share.

The Bad: Abby is our holdout sickie right now. Poor baby spent her morning laying on the recliner with a pillow and blanket. She is a cuddly sickie though so those extra cuddles were greatly appreciated. Headaches, I have had a headache for the last three days. I'm thinking it's probably allergies, dang weather. 

The Funny: Dinner prep time was kind of hectic on Tuesday night. As I've mentioned before, Tuesday at our home = Pizza Tuesday. Normally, from start to finish, making the pizza dough to pulling it out of the oven takes about an hour. Adison had her first trial martial arts class and we had to be there by 6:00. K though, doesn't get home until after 5:15 and we had to leave by 5:45. Sigh. With three kids and it being the witching hour, eek!, I knew that time could be against me. Plus, um, time and I aren't exactly friends, we tend to run late. I hurriedly got the pizza dough mixed and it was resting for 5 minutes, in the meantime I was rushing around the kitchen getting everything else. Pizza sauce- check, pepperoni- check, garlic powder- check, Italian seasoning- check, cheese ... I pulled the cheese out of the cheese drawer ... mozzarella did just fine {Abby standing next to me crying, older girls fighting}, I grabbed the bag of cheddar ... someone forgot to seal the bag and cheese went EVERYWHERE. Simply everywhere.

Abby, precious baby toddler that she is, stopped temper tantruming I help clean up, Mama. Goodness gracious, it was a MESS! Fortunately, I didn't have time to get upset, instead, well, after the shock wore off, it was funny. So funny in fact that I decided to blame K for the entire thing and sent him a picture of the mess and said that HE forgot to seal the bag. {He probably didn't, but it sure is fun to blame him, he he.}


  1. I always blame Dave, too. Turn about is fair play. I get blamed for my fair share (of things I didn't do).
    Jammie day sounds divine. Maybe I'll join you. After I go to the gym, that is. I can't skip that :-(

  2. So seriously...between our 4 (almost 5) littles, it seems like 1 is ALWAYS sick!! :(

  3. I feel the chaos! Just with Cam I feel the chaos. I can't even imagine with 3! But we love them all.

  4. I admire your sense of humor that you took the time to snap a picture! I would have been steamed and grumpy about it. Always blame the man!

  5. I agree with Rachel. I am glad that you have time and take time to find the humor in things :) Also, I would love to see that coat K bought you, it sounds super cute! :) This post all around was cute. (aside from the sickness :( )