Thursday, March 29, 2012

A mother/daughter date with Ainsley

Yesterday, after picking up Adison from school we went home and played outside.
Adison hung out on the porch with baby B and me while the little girls drew with chalk.
They drew on the sidewalk, the steps, the porch, our cement cat named Henry, but mostly on themselves.
I didn't mind, they both needed a bath and isn't one of the joys of childhood playing outside and getting dirty?
I believe it is, some of my most fond memories are playing outside and getting good and dirty.

After the bath I was trying to find clothes for Ainsley to wear and couldn't find anything in her size.
I looked in her dresser, nada.
I looked through each and every tub of clothing that we have, thinking that maybe, just maybe there would be some size 5 summer clothing in there somewhere, zilch.

When K got home I commented to him that we needed to get Ainsley some new clothes.
Homegirl had grown out of her clothes and we didn't have any that fit.
It was then decided that getting homegirl some new clothes needed to happen immediately.
After putting a very cranky Abby to bed I decided to take Ainsley out get some new clothes.

Mama, I like it when it's just you and me that go out.

That's all that this mama needed to hear, I need to get out more one on one with my kiddos. 
I need to make more of an effort to do this.
I got to hear all of her thoughts on everything, without interruption.
I got to hold her hand and jump over cracks and listen to the songs that she is learning in school.
Just Ainsley.
Just the two of us.

I do these things with my kids everyday, but there is something so special about being very intentional with time.
About having time designated to ONE thing, not a juggling act.

We headed to our favorite shopping joint, Tar-jay.
Homegirl had the whole thing planned out.
First, we would look in the big girl section for dresses.
Then the little girl section for dresses.
Then we needed to look for shirts and some shorts.
{We already had a few skirts, so that was one thing to check off the list.}

We spent our time looking at absolutely everything.
Every dress they had we looked at.
I told her we could put everything she liked in the cart and then we could decide.
She decided that we needed to head to the dressing room so she could try everything on.

It was precious.
She would try it on, sway this way then that.
Mama, what do you think?
Well, Lee, what do you think?
I think...I like it if you like it.
Lee, what do you think, do you like it?
Well...what do you think?

{I was JUST like that as a child, Mom, I feel your pain, ha!}
Finally, I got her to tell me what she actually liked.

Girl has some style.
Today she wore one of her new dresses to school, let me tell ya, she rocked it!
What's not to love about pink tie-dye?

Tomorrow they are having their pictures taken at school.
As soon as Ainsley got home from school she went to look at her new clothes to pick out what to wear.
Poor girl was just not sure, I finally convinced her that she didn't have to decide just. that. second.

I'll take a picture and share it tomorrow, I'm interested to see what she decides on.

We even treated ourselves to some tasty snickerdoodle cookies last night as well, they were delish!

I have already been thinking of all of the different outings we can take with the girls, I'm thinking cupcakes with Adison will be next.

I fondly remember fun jaunts like this from when I was young and look forward to the memory making with my kiddos.
Did you do this when you were a child, what was your favorite outing?

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