Monday, March 5, 2012

Data entry and spring cleaning

Today, while Abby slept I worked on some data entry.
Did I tell you that I am on a subcommittee for the PTO?
Well, for that committee I am on another subcommittee, awesome sauce.
For the second subcommittee we are working on a study topic trying to find out about communication among other things between schools and parents.
We were expecting to get maybe a couple hundred responses and were thrilled to get close to 900.
Such a great number!
We have a couple hundred paper copies of the survey that need to be entered so we can tally results and whatnot.
So that has been my mission, get my portion of the written surveys entered.

You know what I've discovered?
I really enjoy data entry.
Yep, that's right.

This morning around 11 o'clock I got a call from Adison's school, she puked.
I was worried about her, my poor baby.
But then, I get there, she's laying down on the cot/bed thing and she says, Mommy, I feel fine.
Oh, okay.
 We are 99% sure it was from her donuts, sugar overload.
Now she's home for two days, score!
We of course had to stop by Sonic to pick up a Sprite for her and treat her sisters to Sprites too.

Abby has been galloping around the house singing
Bate bate, chocolate
She's a big Dora fan.

Spring Cleaning.
The kids DE-MOL-ISH-ED the house on Saturday.
I had been putting off doing a big cleaning but K took one look at it and declared it time.
For a while the house was even messier but then, at long last, it was clean.
Less than 24 hours later it was trashed again.
But at least it was a clean trashed???

Ainsley starts ballet tonight.
She is beyond excited and told me earlier that she wanted to go right then and wait outside there until is started.
Too bad it was like 5 hours before then.

I minimized the toys and clutter.
I was seriously feeling overwhelmed by all the stuff in our house.

We celebrated my Dad's birthday this weekend.
It was a lot of fun, good food, wonderful company.
Such a nice celebration!

How was your day/weekend? 


  1. Sounds like you had a busy weekend!

  2. The other day Ashlynn told me "Mommy, no swiping!" when I went to clean her toys up. Needless to say we have a Dora lover too.
    I totally get what you mean by clean trashed...

  3. OH my Ainsley will make the best adorable ballerina! I hope she loves it as much as she expects to! I danced from about her age all the way through high school. Loved it!

  4. OH my goodness Ainsley will make the most adorable ballerina! I hope she loves it as much as she expects to! I danced from about her age all the way thru high school and loved it!