Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Good, the Bad and the Funny

The Good: I went to the gym today for the first time ever and it felt great. My besties got me a gym membership so we can workout together! Isn't that the nicest!?! They even have childcare there, Ainsley and Abby loved it. Abby actually cried when we left because she wanted to keep playing. I took a two hour nap today, I was seriously exhausted. Today had a lot of sweet moments. Those moments that you notice when you just stop and are still in the moment with the people that you love. Yesterday was my brother's birthday, we are celebrating this weekend!

The Bad: I am seriously missing Adison, she is visiting K's parents for the rest of her Spring Break. She is having a blast which is great though. It has been nice talking to her on the phone though, she has so many things to tell me and I am struck by the fact that she now sounds so grown up.

The Funny: I'm going to share an embarrassing story with y'all. Why? Because I love you more than my luggage. {Name that movie!} Monday, while we stopped at Osceola Cheese Factory in Osceola, MO I snapped the usual pictures that I do outside the shop with the kids. So, I had the little two standing on this statue of a mouse. I was trying to scoot back so I could get the full mouse with the kids when I suddenly fell backwards. I landed on my hind end and on the palm of my hand. My first thought wasn't Am I hurt? Are the kids freaking out that I fell? Nope, my first thought was to look around to see if anyone saw me fall. I sat there, on the ground, for several seconds to double, then triple check. Nope, no one saw me. Luckily K didn't see me fall, I've fallen too many times to count and he has seen most of them, ha ha!


  1. I always look to see who (if anyone) saw me when I fall, too. I fell on the ice in the street a couple of years ago. Rather than being paranoid that someone would come and run over me, I was paranoid that they saw me and would laugh.

    Was it Steel Magnolias?

  2. Mrs M beat me to the answer!
    I fall all the time. A lot more than any adult should. It is ridic! We have more than coffee loving in common.