Monday, March 26, 2012

We had a busy, fun, lovely, interesting weekend.

1. We celebrated my brother's birthday this weekend. My mom came in town and we all went out for lunch. Happy Birthday Joe! Miss you already Mom!

2. We picked up Miss Adison on Saturday morning. I was beyond ready to see her face, I missed her. Tremendously. I love getting that first, giant, squeezy hug from her.

3. Ainsley and I went out shopping with my mom for most of Saturday afternoon. She bought me PW's new cookbook. I made her beef and bean burritos last night for dinner. So. incredibly. good. I then used some of the leftovers and made myself a delicious lunch.

4. Sunday an older gentleman hit our parked car. While we were in it. The poor old man worries me you guys, some people for their own safety and the safety of others should not be allowed to drive. 

5. Afterwards, we took the kids to the lake and went for a 2 1/2 mile walk, bike ride, scooter ride, being carried. You know, depending on who you were. I will give you a clue, I was not the one that was carried. That sure would be nice though.

6. I then came home and mowed the front yard. Then K and I rearranged some furniture.

7. Due to the previously mentioned busyness I was asleep around 9:30 last night and slept until 7:15 this morning. *yawn* I desperately needed it.

8. This morning was the first day back at school for the girls. Ainsley was ready before the bus came. Adison, well, she got to school late today. Sigh. Tomorrow will be better.

9. This morning, while baby B napped and Lee was at school, Abby helped me wash the front porch. It was DI-R-TY! We then pulled some weeds and played out front until a large dog ran into our yard. I don't think I have even moved so fast as when I grabbed Abby and dashed into the house. I'm sure it was quite the sight.

10. Ainsley has ballet later this afternoon, I think I may be as excited as she is!

How was your weekend? 


  1. A very old man hit my parked car about 6 years ago. He had no clue that he had done it. He was a stroke victim and couldn't even talk.
    I was furious that he had even been allowed to drive. Shortly after he hit our car (no damage was done to his), I saw the front of his car all mangled up. He has since died.
    It is just mind boggling to me how we keep stressing how driving is a privilege, but anyone with a beating heart can get a license.

  2. Oh my are y'all okay??? Wow! Scary!

  3. Wow! I'm glad you are all okay! And I took cam and my niece and nephew for a bike ride with them all riding in the carrier today. Heart attack let me tell yah. I've decided one child in the carrier is the limit.