Friday, March 9, 2012


life rearranged

Happy Friday my lovelies!
How was your week?
I love Friday.
Today is the time to share all of those lovely cell phone pics that you have taken throughout the week.
Here is a little peek at our lives these past 7 days.

Last weekend, the girls were asking us to go out for donuts.
So, after doing some chores K and I decided to head on out.
My favorite, cake doughnut with with cinnamon and sugar.
Lo and behold, it came bearing a message.
Love :)

Ainsley had her first ballet class earlier this week.
She loved it and proclaimed that she now wants to be a ballet teacher.
It brought back so many fond memories of when I did ballet when I was younger.

Adison was home sick from school on Monday and Tuesday.
One day she and Abby built a town together.
They were so proud of what they had built and had so much fun playing together.

Tuesday is pizza day in our house.
I had separated the pizza dough so I could make two pizzas when I spied a face in the pizza dough on the right.

K got me this necklace a couple of years ago.
I wear this necklace every day.
Occasionally I will switch it out with something else if we are going somewhere fancy.
As soon as I get home though I have to switch back.

Did I tell you that we had 70 degree weather on Tuesday?
I had the doors open and was wearing a short sleeved shirt.
It was glorious.
Yesterday morning I woke up to snow.
Not a little bit of snow either.
By the afternoon it had melted and was in the 50s.
Welcome to Kansas.

What's better than a regular spoon?
A light-up light saber Star Wars spoon of course.
All of our regular spoons were dirty and this bad boy saved my cereal munching day.

Have a lovely weekend, xoxo


  1. Donuts & pizza, it doesn't get much better than that! Sweet weekly captures :)

  2. I love it when we find hidden messages in our food.

  3. Colorado has been having the same exact weather. It is BEAUTIFUL one day, and the next day snow! it's crazy. Sure makes the allergies come out. Hope everyone is doing alright with allergies. Also, That light saber soon is awesome! :) love you all!

  4. Love the donut with the heart in the middle! Cute!