Tuesday, August 23, 2011

What to say, what to say

Life feels like it has been playing in fast forward.
So busy.

We had small group last night.
I am reminded, once again, how blessed we are to be in a group with these individuals.
It makes me wonder why in the world we were so resistant for so long to join a small group.

Actually I do {think I} know.
We were meant to be in this group.
At this exact time.
To be able to experience and do life with these 12 individuals and their kiddos.

I am excited to see where this adventure takes us.
To discover the things that we are to learn.

To watch our children grow up with other children.
To grow up with this extended community.
To learn from them.
To have others help them grow in their walk with the Lord.

I can't even tell you how much I learned and laughed last night.
The kids came home happy and dirty from their play.
While K has plans to go out shooting with some of the guys this evening.

School has brought with it the craziness of life.
Summer was a nice break to slow down and unwind.
School year though, yikes.
This is the busiest I think I have ever been as a mom.

With the older two girls having their own school schedules and Abby still having her nap schedule, it feels as though there is very little time for a break.
Ainsley's busing starts tomorrow so that should help things to calm down a bit.

I am really trying to embrace this time of our lives.
The busyness, the papers, the drawings, the homework, the school clothes and finding pairs of socks.

I really need to get more organized, but getting organized takes time and it's just something that I have been putting on the back burner.
I have been *trying* to move it to a front burner, it's taking time.

Abby is currently throwing the most massive temper tantrums.
Yikes, that girls has a temper!
It seems pretty funny though because she is such a sweet little things that erupts into this volcano.
K and I are slightly concerned that she could become a hoarder.
She likes to collect all sorts of weird things in baskets and bags and carry/push them around the house.
Today I found a couple of dolls, socks that belonged to K a couple of shoes, some crackers and a bunch of other random things.
She then fiercely protects it like a mama bear protecting her cubs.
So funny.


  1. I get what you mean about being busy I have been burning the candle at both ends myself this week! I cannot imagine having three kids to deal with as well as school for two of them! Hope things calm down for you soon or at least become routine!

  2. You have definitely been super busy! At least you're taking time to share precious moments with the littles : )

  3. I'll be that busy with you soon. they grow so fast. C is in highschool, E enters kindergarten. A and L still require naps plus I'm still nursing. C just might be a hoarder too