Friday, August 26, 2011


Woo to the hoo y'all, it's Friday!!!

life rearranged

Adison was invited to a fun birthday party last weekend at the new Children's museum. 
I love this pic of her in the woodworking section.
She was so proud of her monster/robot.
Her teacher even let her bring it to school to show her friends!

This picture cracks me up. 
We were driving home from church last weekend when we saw a mama and baby dear. 
K pulled over so we could look at them and I could snap a picture. 
By the time my phone camera was ready this is all I got. 
As Lee likes to say, I got a picture of a baby deer's butt, ha ha! 
Of course she insisted that we send it to my dad.

Here is Abby showing us her eyes.
She is a riot.
 My friend Jennifer was able to capture this elusive photo.
Abby has many variations of how she does her eyes, I am going to have to get the rest of them as well.

This is Abby's beat friend Monkey.
 Monkey goes pretty much everywhere with us lately and Abby is just too cute with her. 
I love it!

How in the world is she old enough to ride the bus!?!
 Luckily it's only preschool so my heart isn't completely weeping yet.
However, my girl is growing up and doing amazing.

Not many pictures this week, we've been so busy that I just haven't taken much.

Have a marvelous weekend!


  1. Wow you guys had a busy week! I am glad the girls are loving school! I hope your mom is feeling better and your shoulder too! Can you tell I am combining a bunch of comments here on a few posts? Sorry I have been busy this week too :) Not much time for blog jogging.

  2. AMEN. I need another day! This weekend was crazy with 3 photo sessions and family! AHHH! :)

    It's good having a weekend like that every one in a while... makes the LAZY WEEKENDS WORTH IT!