Thursday, August 25, 2011

How did she get to be old enough to ride the bus?

Ainsley has gone off to school.

Yes, I know that she started last week, but the whole school bus thing has made it different.
A much bigger deal in my mind.
Not sure, it just has.
Please just hug me and tell me that it will be alright, okay?
Thanks, you guys rock!

Last week, I would drop her off and pick her up.
It didn't feel that different.
Almost like taking her to her church class on Saturdays but for longer than normal.

The bus thing though.
I almost cried yesterday, a few times.

Now for the pics, you know, the fun stuff.

Lee woke up SO SO SO excited.

The Bus.
She was so incredibly excited that she had to wait by the front window.

She couldn't have gotten to that bus quickly enough!
Please ignore our long grass, it will be cut this afternoon.

No fear or reservations.
Simply excitement.

I was beyond happy she was so excited.
It made letting her go that much easier.
If she would have cried my heart would have broken into a million pieces.

Normally we go for a walk in the morning with friends.
Yesterday was so beastly hot that we all stayed home.
That meant that yesterday was the first morning that Abby and I had been at home by ourselves.

Our house was so quiet.
It was odd.
It was also wonderful to be able to hang out with my baby for a couple of uninterrupted hours.
We played a lot.

We put lots of hair clips in her hair.
{Look at all that hair!}

We looked for things under the couch.
This is one of her favorite things to do.

We also called Elmo and Daddy.

We had a nice time and I loved it.
I was also really really really ready for Lee to come home.

When she came home she was SO excited about riding on the bus.
It was the best thing EVER!

Later in the afternoon we picked up Adison from school.
Ainsley could not wait to tell her all about her adventures.

This morning she was so funny.
The first thing that I heard from Lee this morning was:
Mama, I am ready to go to school.

Atta girl!

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  1. This makes me wonder how my mom felt the first time I got on the school bus.
    It probably hits you a little harder than dropping her off because those buses are so huge.
    It'll be alright ;-)