Monday, August 1, 2011

Wow, now that is what I call a weekend!

My Dad invited us to his company's 21st birthday celebration at some beautiful botanical gardens that were about 3 hours from our house.
That town also happens to be where one of K's fraternity brothers and family live.
We were supposed to visit them a while ago but Lee had a stomach bug that nixed that plan.
Botanical Gardens~
It was beautiful.
They had a brand new children's garden that was so much fun.

The kids ran around like little chicks.

Abby fell in love with a mosaic water fountain. 

{Apparently I laugh really loud, so you have to listen closely for Abby's hysterical giggle.}

The entire garden was beautiful.
K and I took a lot of pictures that I will probably intersperse in the next few posts.
But this picture of Abby and my Dad is just too sweet.
He was thrilled that she wanted to go through the garden with him.

Then as awe were leaving we stopped to look at a beautiful pond with a Weeping Willow right next to it.
If I were ever going to do an outdoor wedding, that would be the spot.
{I think K might have gotten a photo, I'll have to check.}
While we were looking at this beautiful place we saw that there were two duck standing at the waters edge.
Abby was thrilled to see them, tried to get a closer look and tumbled into some tall grass.
She hoped back up, no tears and we went on our merry way.
Then K and I saw what the grass had done to her face.

Poor thing had cuts on her nose, lips, chin, both cheeks and both arms.
It was awful!
She was a trooper about it.
Poor baby!

Saturday we decided to do something indoors because the temperature was beastly hot.
Indoor putt putt won the vote.
We got there and discovered that their air conditioner was broken and had been for a month.
It was hot.
Oh well, we were having too much fun together to complain.

K's friend T and his was J were so incredibly sweet.
The have two boys that were very close in age to Adison and Ainsley.
The kids got along famously and it was just a wonderful weekend.

Saturday evening as T was grilling, Lee and her little buddy were playing dress up.
This is a costume that was a first for us, ha ha!

She was a wonderful Iron Man.
{Her face broke out from some sort of allergic reaction., I need to talk with her doctor about this.}

On Sunday K and I overslept and we missed church.
We both felt awful about it, sorry guys!

We decided to head out for breakfast and my oh my, the place we went was soooo good!
I got an omelet with cheese, bacon, mushrooms and avocado.
It has become my new favorite.

Shortly after we headed home.
To get there we went through an area of Kansas called the Flint Hills.
I was awestruck by their beauty on the way down and made sure to take a few on the way home.

I told K on the way home that I have lived in Kansas for the last 15 years and never truly appreciated the beauty until recently.
Sure the summers and winters are miserable, but the land is gorgeous.

How about you, how was your weekend?


  1. Sounds like you guys had a great weekend! The indoor put put looks like fun I think we have black light mini gold around here.

  2. What a wonderful weekend! <3 And, I love it when I see my daughter have a special relationship with my father. <3

  3. So sweet! :) THose little girls are just so sweeeett! :)