Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Good, the Bad and the Funny

The Good: School is going amazing for the older two. Both are very happy with their classes and their teachers. 
Did I mention that one of my dear friends is a para is Ainsley's class? I went to pick her up on Tuesday and there is she. I was so surprised and happy. Lee loves having her in class. 
I now have almost 4 hours Tuesday thru Friday to hang out with Abby one on one. Loving it. 
K and I are going to have an at-home-date-night tonight. We rented a few movies, ready for some time with the hubs. 
My shoulder is doing better, still not 100% but I am seeing improvement.

The Bad The Annoying: Nothing really "bad." We are still having some busing issues and I don't know when they will they will get resolved. Oh well, she is beyond happy which makes me feel the same way. 
I have been struggling with blogging this past week. I wrote a post about grief and am having a hard time pushing publish, it annoys me. Well...actually...I did push publish then freaked out and pulled the post. Now I am just waiting for some courage to push that pesky button.
My mom has/had heat stroke and was feeling really sick for several days, she is still feeling unwell but not nearly as bad.

The Funny: Adison's favorite word this evening was "hilarious." Everything was hilarious and she was having a blast cracking up. 
Abby is still doing her silly lip-synching and crazy dancing. The girl is a riot, plain and simple.
Ainsley, well, practically everything she says is amusing. Earlier in the week, while driving around she was telling me which cars were boys and which were girls. Our van, according to her, is a girl.
I got super dizzy today while at the park while watching Ainsley spin around on the merry go round, it makes me feel old, which then cracked me up.
Yesterday for some reason, Abby had to have five hair clips in her hair and refused to wear her own clothes. She spent the better part of the day wearing one of Adison's shirts. I have no idea why, ha ha!
Ainsley has been singing a lot lately. The ABC's are a current favorite, she does really well but when it comes to the all too tricky L-M-N-O-P part it sounds like she is saying lemenono peeeeee, it makes me laugh each and every time.

That's pretty much our week in review, how has yours been?

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  1. I noticed that you published and then pulled your post. It showed up on my dashboard but then wasn't there when I went to read it.
    Don't be afraid. Publish when you're ready, and I'm sure (judging by previous behavior of your readers) that people will be very encouraging and supportive.