Monday, August 8, 2011

Our Ah-mazing Weekend

On Friday morning we headed out to St. Louis because K's cousin was getting married.

At first Abby and I weren't planning on going, she was so miserable on Thursday that even the thought of going on Friday was out of the question.
When she woke up Friday morning she was like a different child, still not quite "Abby" but much much better.

We met up with K's parents as we were caravaning with them and we finished the rest of our journey.

Still not quite 100% but she was smiling!
{The doctor told me that she would be better on day two of antibiotics, he was right!}

Then we got stuck in traffic and I saw this sign.
It was hysterical!

We were staying with K's aunt, it was so nice of her to let the 5 of us crash there.
We went to the wedding on Friday evening.
It was beautiful and the minister was awesome!

We had a babysitter watch the kiddos so K and I could head out to the reception.
It. was. so. much. fun!

Not a great picture, but let's pretend that it is okay?

The next day K had to do some work so the kids and I tagged along.

While we were at the mall the kids found this really cool, interactive floor/picture/thing.

And they discovered the escalators.
Apparently going up and down them by yourself CAREFULLY is all the rage with the younger crowd.
At least that's how my kids acted.

The nice thing is that the escalators were really small hence me feeling comfortable with the whole thing.

Afterwards we headed over to K's cousin's house.
Oh my word.
It was one of those afternoons that you want your kids to remember forever because it was so amazing.
There were lots of kids and fun and sun AND Abby was her good 'ol self again!
They played in the sprinkler, did a slip-n-slide, had a water balloon fight and looked for frogs.
It truly was the most magical summer day that I can think of.

There was also some grillin' and strawberry eatin' going on.
She was fiercely protective of her strawberry.

Sunday morning we headed over to my in-law's hotel so the kids could get in some last minute swimming and then we headed out for lunch.

Then K got me a vanilla cupcake cappuccino and Adison pretended to squish things while waiting for K to pump gas.

All 13 of us {K's parents, the five of us plus his sister, her hubby and their 4 kids} had some good food and all headed back to good 'ol Kansas.

On the way home we hit some AWFUL weather.

We saw the storm coming at us and it actually made me kind of nervous.

I looked up at the clouds at one point and told K that I saw rotation in the clouds.

Then the entire thing started rotating and the winds hit hard!
K said that the leaves came off of the trees and started spinning around on the road.
{I was too busy staring at the sky.}
We hightailed it out of there only to be slammed with rain so hard that you couldn't see very far in front of you while getting hit by the wind.
We discovered later via the radio that a lot of building sustained roof damage and one roof was ripped completely off of a house!
Down the road a bit a semi jack-knifed and they closed it for a bit.
Luckily no one was hurt.

It was a pretty long drive home though.
We were all pretty sick of being in the car.
This picture of Ainsley sums it up perfectly.

Ha ha!

We truly had the most wonderful time!

We are ready to head back!

How was your weekend?


  1. Wow you guys were busy! Glad you had a great weekend!

  2. Sounds like you guys had a great weekend! What a way to enjoy the last part of summer. I am SO glad that Abby is feeling better...poor girl.

  3. Oh my goodness our kids LOVE escalators! :D We had a bit of a scene in Dick's Sporting Goods after I had to pry them from the escalators after the, ahem, 15th time up and down by themselves. :P

  4. Love family outings! Your family is beautiful!