Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Wednesday, my brain is mush

So, it's Wednesday.
It also happens to be the last full week before school starts.
Those two things = my brain being mush

I don't even really have it in me to form coherent sentences.
Therefore, I give you what is becoming very frequent, my randomness.

1. Abby is OVER her ear infection. As in, "So long, see you later!" So nice to have her happy and pain free. The bigger two decided to bring home a souvenir from a weekend in St. Louis. A lovely little stomach bug, luckily there is not puking involved.
2. Tomorrow we are supposed to go swimming. I am personally not a fan of le pool, but the kids are and they are going to LOVE it! Plus, we are going with two of my dear friends and their kiddos which means that we are in for an awesome day tomorrow.

3. K downloaded some new music recently. Actually, it's not new, it's from the 90's. I have been enjoying listening to some Smashing Pumpkins. Tonight Tonight is playing now. 

4. School starts for Adison in less than a week. I am feeling the end of summer push, things HAVE to get done before school starts. Being the fact that it's the end of summer basically means that I have zero motivation or will to get anything done. I will do it, but I don't have to like it. Ha!

5. Today I rented Soul Surfer from Redbox. Now, I really was concerned about it because I knew that it involved a shark and a shark bite. Therefore I had quite a bit of anxiety about watching the movie. But I have to say that it was AMAZING! 

6. Abby has been tattling on Ainsley lately. It is so cute that I have a hard time not laughing. She is just so serious and finally has the words to express herself. It's darling.
Mama, Ains-see kick!
Ains-see hit!

7. Have I mentioned that Lee is starting preschool? She is going to be a peer model for children with disabilities. I love love love this. My dad while we were growing up worked at a rehabilitation center for children with disabilities. This has always been something near and dear to my heart. She is so excited, I on the other hand am slightly nervous. I know that she will do great, but I am not ready to have her away from me. She is sooooo psyched!

8. I am addicted to the Laughing Cow spreadable cheese. Oh my, so good. I am having a hard time only eating one. Two maybe three get ingested. No self control at all.

9. Could someone please explain to me how my baby got big so quickly and kindly ask time to slow down a bit for me? M'kay, thanks!


  1. Oh my goodness look at all her hair now! I think she is your mirror image!

  2. Oh that is just so awesome to be a peer model!!!! Love that!