Thursday, August 18, 2011

A first day and a dr's appointment

Today was Ainsley's first day of preschool, or as she prefers to call it, school.
She was so excited this morning.
When I finally convinced her to smile, I got this super cheesy grin:

She was so incredibly excited to head off to school.
She has been hearing of and seeing Adison go to school for the last three years and  was ready to experience it for herself.

We had a meet & greet at her school last night so she got to meet her teacher and check out her classroom.
 So she was really ready to experience school.

I managed to get her to sit still long enough to snap this one:

When I picked her up after school she was practically beaming.
Everything was her favorite.
According to her they did puzzles, had a cookie, worked on sheets and sang songs.
She couldn't have been any happier.
It made me very happy to see that she had such a wonderful time.

Even better was that neither one of us shed any tears this morning when I dropped her off!
I was fully expecting waterworks from one of us, but nothing.
She was ready!


On to the doctor's appointment.

I somehow hurt my shoulder a couple of weeks ago.
No big deal, it would only hurt when I moved it occasionally.
Then out of the blue the pain stopped.
Then last Thursday it started hurting again and got much worse within the last few days.
Today I decided that it was time to go see the doctor.

Turns out I have strained my rotator cuff as well have having tendinitis and bursitis.

The prescribed an anti-inflammatory and said that it should be feeling better within a week or two.

I hope you guys are having a great Thursday!


  1. Ainsley is so cute!!thats so great she loved school! it always makes it easier on us mommies when the kiddos want to go to school and they enjoy it while they are there.

    hope your shoulder starts to feel better asap!

  2. I am glad Ainsley likes school too! I hope your shoulder gets better quick! I have had bursitis in my knee for a long time it flares up a lot in the winter when it is cold and damp but is usually ok in the summer.