Friday, August 12, 2011


life rearranged
 We went to the pool yesterday {all day} with friends.
My kids were worn out and deliriously happy.
This morning they slept in until 9:00!

 I had this little tasty treat at a friend's house a couple of weeks ago.
It's delish.
I discovered something that made it even better though.
Use half vanilla creamer and half this one, seriously the best coffee ever!

 This was my shopping trip on Monday.
I sent this to K because I couldn't believe all of the stuff we were out of.
My checkbook whimpered a bit.

 The picture is a bit fuzzy, but this picture cracks me up!
Abby is trying to fit in a little baby sleeper with a doll.
I love the look on her face, "What!?!"

Poor Ainsley had had it by the end of our car ride home from St. Louis.
This picture pretty much sums up how the rest of us were feeling too.
Happy Friday!


  1. Can you drop off the contents of your shopping cart at my house please? We need diapers and SNACKS! You know it's bad when the kids can't find anything edible in the cabinets or fridge!

  2. that coffee creamer might need to make an appearance in my frig! yummy!

  3. I LOVE these pictures that you post. Abby and her baby doll are just adorable! And Ainsleys pic pretty much sums up how I feel at the end of every car ride too :)

  4. What?!! I wish my shopping cart looked like that when I go shopping!! We had a blast at the pool!!! I think we should meet for cupcakes on Monday. I might even splurge and let the kids get a bigger know, for a before school starts treat!

  5. I have 3 opened creamers in my fridge once I am done with those ones I am def. going to buy the Almond Joy! It won't take long since I am a real coffee addict!

  6. I just tried that same creamer this week and it is SO good!!