Thursday, August 11, 2011

If I were taken by aliens

Yesterday afternoon we watched Mars Needs Moms.
It was a cute movie and the kids loved it.
It got Ainsley's little brain a whirling.
While watching the movie, Ainsley leans over and tells me:

Mama, if aliens come and take you Adison and I will come rescue you.


This morning she was humming a different tune.
While I was changing Abby's diaper she informs me that plans have changed.

Mama, if Adison says that she doesn't want a mama anymore more and aliens take you away, then ADISON is going to have to save you.
Me: Lee, would you come and save me too?
Lee: Nope, just Adison.
Me: Well, what if Adison is sleeping when they take me, then would you save me.
Lee: Nope, just Adison.

I couldn't help but laugh, she really does crack me up.

On Monday the girls and I went to Sam's Club to pick up some much needed items.
As we were leaving and Ainsley handed the man our receipt as usual. 
After it was marked and we were walking out the doors, Ainsley is her most theatrical whisper says:

Why did that man have oranges, is he going to juggle with them?

Huh, where did this come from?

She comes up with the wackiest thoughts, that normally take me a minute or two to comprehend and then burst into laughter.
This child is FULL of spunk.

She has an issue with men that don't wear shirts.
Each and every time we see a man without his shirt on, whether he be mowing the lawn or riding a bike, Lee shouts out:

Mama! That man is NAKED!!!

Normally it gets repeated several times just as loudly.

Very little escapes her notice and her comments.


  1. Hahaha!!!!! too funny!!! i love it!! my girls are the same way when they see a man shirt-less they say, "ewww he's naky." lol kids sure do say the darnest things! <333

  2. She is so funny and cute! I just love that age!