Monday, August 29, 2011

Show me your eyes

I mentioned before Abby's look she gives.

The dropping of the chin to the chest and glaring at you though her eyebrows.
Also, the opening her eyes as wide as possible and staring at you from the corner of her eyes.

Both absolutely hysterical.

Friday, Abby and I went walking with my friend Jennifer and her youngest two kids.
While the kids were enjoying some time at the butterfly garden I asked Abby to show Jennifer her eyes.
This was the face that she made.

This girl is a riot.

We asked her to make the face again so that Jennifer could snap a photo and she did it!
Wow, funny and performs, what are the odds?
{Kids NEVER perform a new trick when prompted, this was golden.}

I was laughing so hard and texted K the photo.
His response was this:
Lol. She looks possessed!!

Ha ha, she does {wait until you see the next picture, eek!}

Of course, I was asking Abby to "Show me your eyes" several times and about half the time she would agree.

Saturday we were at India Fest {a fun Indian Festival in our town} that I will write more about later, good food + good times =  woo hoo!

K and I were sitting with Abby while the older two were enjoying the bounce house.
Yay for some energy expending.
He asked Abby to show her eyes and this is the picture that he got.

Ha ha ha, oh my, my sides hurt from laughing so much.

She even performed at church later that evening for two of our friends and keeps at it.

Yesterday she got annoyed at me for telling her not to throw food on the floor {shocking!} and she kept giving me the look, I had the hardest time keeping a straight face and started laughing.
Mom fail.
I just couldn't help it.

This little one is just such a joy {most of the time, ha!}.


  1. I love it! So stinkin cute!!!

  2. She is adorable!
    I love her monkey!

  3. What a little cute pie! And she's figured out the trick to get outta trouble!