Thursday, September 1, 2011

No internet Thursday

Our internet has been acting wonky.
It's driving me insane!

I know that in reality it is so not a big deal, it just annoys the heck out of me.
I think it boils down to money.

Yep money.
I/We pay for internet and it seems like we are constantly having issues with it.


I sent K a text threatening to get a new modem.
I went to Best Buy, figured out which one we needed {I think} and am now waiting to hear back from him to get his thoughts.
{He's probably shaking his head at me, ha ha!}

The funny thing though, is that when we got home, guess what?

Lo and behold the internet was working.


It doesn't work all day, not that it's a huge deal, but then THEN when I threaten it, look it starts working again!?!

I'm not holding my breath that it will continue to work, but at the moment I feel like shouting WOO HOO!

That means I need to get my tail in gear to work on my Good, Bad & Funny post for tonight.

See y'all later, xoxo

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