Tuesday, September 6, 2011

We labored then we played

Yesterday was Labor Day.
And labor I did.
Not in the childbirth sense instead in working sense.
Ugh, yes, childbirth is work...you understand what I am trying to say, right?

Some cooler weather has graced these parts.
The high yesterday was only in the upper 70s the same was true today as well!

When I saw how cool it was yesterday morning I just knew that I needed to seize the opportunity and get some outdoor work done.

K and I have been working on painting our front porch.
Lately we have been scraping paint and priming.
Yesterday was no different.

I scraped and painted, painted and scraped until my shoulder cried out no more.
I looked around the yard and decided to mow as well.
The grass wasn't long, but needed a good trim.

Since it was so glorious outside K and I decided to take the kids to the park.

They were not even remotely excited, ha!

We played and ran and counted the tree rings on a stump from a recently cut down tree.

After playing for a good amount of time K and I decided to take the kids to get a cupcake.

Goodness gracious, cupcakes are sooooooo good.

At the cupcake place they have a large magnet board.
The girls love to play at them.
Yesterday Adison spelled all of their names.


  1. awww glad you had some great family time together!

  2. sounds like a whole lot of fun with a sweet ending!