Friday, September 16, 2011


It's Friday which means that it is time to share all of those fun cell phone pics for the week.
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life rearranged

After school on Tuesday Ainsley walked up to me and said
Mommy, will you take my picture?
Of course sweetie!
This is now one of my all-time favorite Ainsley pictures.

Yesterday my friend Clara and I went for a walk with our little kiddos.
We were walking and talking when I looked down and saw it.
The first Autumn Leaf.
I love this time of year, the chill in the air and the leaves changing colors.

Yesterday after our walk Abby and I stopped by the store.
I got her out of the van and she started yelling
Car Car!!!
She then proceeded to "drive" around the store and charm pretty much everyone there.

After school yesterday I decided to take the girls out for a treat.
I asked what they would like and the unanimous consensus was donuts!
It was fun to do something different.
Adison's cinnamon roll was the size of her head!

This is Ainsley's grass.
She got the seeds at church on Saturday and has had so much fun watching them grow.
Yesterday she asked me to take this picture and send it to K.
It cracks me up how often I get this request from her.

My InstaChallenge picture.
While at the store I found these bad boys.
I LOVE pumpernickel sticks.
They are so good and addicting.
They have had these in my mom's town for months now I kept checking to see if we would get them in our fair city.
Lo and behold they have arrived.


  1. Love the picture of Ainsley. So sweet!!!

  2. Its def feeling Fall here too, but I think all the leaves on the ground are due to no rain!! I wonder if the trees will look as beautiful as last year??

    HAve a great weekend!!!

  3. Aww! You inspire me to take more cell phone pics, I never use that thing. Your girls are precious and now I want a donut :)

  4. That is a great picture of Ainsley! Abby looks just like you it is uncanny! And now I want a cinnamon bun!

  5. oh, I love it! Ainsley is getting so big!! and I love growing grass!!! fun. happy weekend!

  6. Ainsley is a cutie! And your first autumn leaf excites me for seeing mine!! I LOVE autumn!!