Sunday, September 11, 2011

Remembering- 10 years

Today marks 10 years since the horrific attacks on our country.

10 years

It just doesn't seem possible that much time has passed.

This morning I watched some of the memorial services with my girls.
Footage was shown of that day, that day of airplanes, fire and tears.

So many tears.

Ainsley looked over at me and said:
Mama, I don't like it.

I told her that I don't like it either.

I don't like that it happened.
I don't like the hurt.
I don't like it that people's lives are forever changed.
I don't like knowing that people are living without their loved ones anymore.
I don't like that our children are growing up in a world that has known terror such as this.

10 years

I remember that day like it was yesterday.
The feelings.
The sheer terror.
The knowledge that life as we knew it was forever changed.
Right at that moment.
We all felt it, that shift.
The awakening.
The knowledge.

This wasn't an accident or some sort of mistake.

I remember my alarm going off, the radio news was playing.
A plane had crashed into the World Trade Center.
How does that happen?

At the time it was thought to be a small aircraft.

K got up, was getting ready for school and had turned on the television.

Danna, you need to get out here.

I remember seeing the plane hit the second tower.

The knowledge.
The fear.
The sadness.

Today my heart is heavy.
The heart of our country is heavy.

Lives were lost, loved ones died.
Lives were and are forever changed.

10 years

Together we are a united, strong country.
We stand together.
We support one another.
We hold each other up.

We stand together.

God bless those that that their lives.
God bless those who lost loved ones.
God bless this great nation of ours.
God bless those who are making sacrifices to keep our country safe.

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  1. I think Ainsley speaks for all of us! That day is one that changed our country forever. I also thank those who sacrifice so much to serve our country!