Thursday, September 15, 2011

I'm not popular

Adison is a storyteller.
She has either been writing or telling stories for as long as I can remember.

If you find a piece of paper in our home the chances are very good that there is some sort of tale written on it.

If she finds a scrap of paper she is writing on it.
She also staples paper together to make her own books.

The other morning on my way to take her to school Adison asked me if she could read me a story.

It started out really cute and entertaining and then she read:
I'm not popular at school either

My brain stepped on the brakes, sccchrrreeeccchhh

Whoa, what?

Adison, what do you mean you aren't popular?

As a mom, we want our child to be well-liked.
I mean, they are the most amazing creatures ever, we want others to recognize that as well.

Well, I do know almost everyone at school, but I'm not that popular.

Honey, I think that third grade is just way too young to be considering something such as popularity.

Then I started thinking, do I really want my child to be popular?
I know that I don't want her to be picked on or made to feel rejected, but popular?
I'm just not so keen on that idea either.

Honey, I think that it is more important that you are nice to everyone and try to include them than to be popular.

I know that it is what is in her heart that is the most important.
Adison has aces in golden hearts, she so kind and really doesn't have a mean bone in her body.

The goal is to help her to see that she is above all of that.
That as a Christian she should find her identity in Christ.
That she was fearfully and wonderfully made exactly how God intended for her to be.

Adison, God made you just the way he wanted to you to be made.

How do I help her to realize this?
How do I help her to see that the opinions of others and the world are just not important?

I just don't think it's important.


  1. I think you have to continue to teach her those values and morals. They say kids listen to their parents a lot more than we believe they do! You know your child better than anyone in the world so you will be the first to notice if something unsavory is going on at school especially at this age she still needs her parents to guide her! You are an awesome mama!

  2. Totally agree with this!!

    Karalynn told me today that they "picked partners" in class today, and no one picked her, so she ended up with some yucky boy that she doesn't like. (She says, "Mom, I'm pretty sure he isn't a Christian." I said, "Well, then you need to be nice to him and show him Jesus' love." She says, "Mom, we had to write a story, and he wanted it to be about demons and awful stuff like that." Mommy gulped and tried very hard not to e-mail said teacher and tell her never to pair Karalynn up with said boy again!")

    Anyway, the point of that was, MY DAUGHTER??? The one who is left without a partner??? This is actually not usual, Karalynn has a ton of friends. But still, I realized it almost hurt MY pride even more than it hurt HER feelings, and that was so very wrong.

    Great thoughts here. Really when I think about the popular kids when I was in school, don't think I want my daughter to be one of those either!