Friday, September 23, 2011


It's Friday, that means it is time to share cell phone pics over at Life.rearranged.

life rearranged

I got a new bible.
Well, actually, I got K and I new bibles.
Our pastor at church started the ESV version.
I love my new pink bible.
Adison helped me make the pink choice, I couldn't decide between red or pink.

Ainsley's little plant is growing like a weed.
I though it would be fun to draw a face on the cup, I thought the grass looked like hair.
Ainsley is obsessed with checking to see how long the grass has grown

I don't think this little rascal could get any cuter if she tried.
The other morning she was laying down watching some Sesame Street after the big girls headed off to school.

My new love.
This coffee creamer is soooo good!
It has cinnamon in it which makes me think of warming up after some cold weather.
I'm a bit obsessed with it, I hope my vanilla creamer isn't too jealous.

I took the girls to the park yesterday.
The girls had a lot of fun running and playing.
I want to be outside as much as possible.


  1. Yes! We are so much alike in our coffee creamer choices! I love that Cinnamon cream flavor! Yummy! I am waiting for the pumpkin spice to come out and the gingerbread! I love the seasonal flavors they are just so yummy!

  2. cute cute bible! I love new Bibles!! I've been reading the ESV for about a year - maybe 2 years- now, and I LOVE it. <3