Wednesday, September 7, 2011

All about Abby

I thought it would be fun to do a post all about our youngest little rascal.

She is at that magical, amazing stage and I want to document it to remember.
If there is one thing that I have learned on my journey through motherhood is that, unfortunately, we forget things.


You are obsessed with lip gloss/chapstick. You want to wear it. You want to take the cap off, apply it and put the cap back on. You call it "bop". You smack your little lips together after you put it on.

You are incredibly stubborn and independent. You HAVE to do things yourself, if you don't then WATCH. OUT. Holy smokes girl. 

You have the cutest little belly laugh, it's really deep and kinda raspy. You love to laugh and make others laugh.

Your pronounce things weirdly like Ainsley. I have no idea where you guys come up with this strange accent of yours.

You are such a little mama. You tell me if something is wrong, you try to help others out and tell kids "no no" when they are doing something wrong/something you don't like.

You notice when things are wrong. Particularly when the cat pukes, you grab my hand, pull me towards the offending throw up and continuously say "icky icky" until I clean it up.

You have a wonderful relationship with each of your sisters. You and Ainsley tend to be best friends then bitter enemies though. You look to Adison for guidance and help although you don't like Ainsley to help you.

You are a mama's girl. No doubt about it. On Labor Day though you were all about daddy. You wanted him to do everything with you and when he would go somewhere else you demanded that he came back. {He was so happy with this.} You like to talk to Daddy on the phone when he is at work and you squeal in delight when he comes home.

You love cupcakes {atta girl!} and call them "CAKE!!!"

You are the tiniest little thing. Well, at least in my experience with kiddos. Your sisters were so much bigger. You are this dainty little sprite of a thing. 

You like to lip sync to music and dance. Girl, you can dance. Your favorites to sing and dance to are Taylor Swift and Black Eyed Peas. 

Your eyes are color of chocolate with flashes of green and gold in them.

You tan really well and don't burn. Any amount of sun makes you shades darker.

You have all of us wrapped around your little finger still. I think you know it too ;)

You are such a cuddle bug, you like to hug. You like to sit on people's laps. You don't ask, you demand. Or you announce "sit" and scoot yourself back until you are sitting on a lap.

You are fiercely possessive. You don't like sharing your parents or your "sissers" {sisters}.

You, my dear child, truly are a delight.

I love  you!


I am planning on writing Abby's birth story soon. I can't believe I didn't do it sooner. Her's was the most dramatic and funniest out of the three.


  1. She'll love to read this when she gets older. I LOVE for my mom to tell me things about me from when I was a baby. I have read my baby book over and over and over. My mom was really good at just jotting things down on a piece of paper so that she wouldn't forget. And she ended up sticking those in my baby book.

  2. I love this! Abby reminds me a lot of my little guy. He loves to talk of the phone and Daddy is his favorite right now.

    I like how helpful she is with the cat puke--so cute! :)

  3. Love that you say your littles have an accent. We are convinced that K has his own language, which we call 'Karson-ese'