Tuesday, September 13, 2011

We've reached THAT phase

I think that we have reached THAT phase with Abby.
The one that strikes fear and anxiety into my heart.
Okay, that was maybe a bit dramatic.
More like, the one that tells me that life with this little rascal is about to get a whole lot more interesting.

The one that prepares me to pray even more fervently for just enough grace.
Just enough to get me through the day.
Grace for her, to love on her and shower her in affection when she is throwing the 10,000,000th temper tantrum of the day.
Grace for her sisters who have to listen to and survive around the tantrum.
For K and I, to have the love and patience to handle the completely erratic, unstable mind of a soon to be two year old.

The phase where we become "those people" at the grocery store that everyone stares at because their child is throwing a fit.
{It doesn't bother me one bit, but the looks of pity received are hysterical.}

Yes, I think we have reached THAT phase.
The one that can turn her into a screaming banshee over something that two seconds ago was no big deal.
The phase that I find myself crouched down, speaking with a calm, gentle voice to a red, tear stained face.

The phase where my darling precious baby, will really transform into a toddler.
Where the look in her eyes changes, she will suddenly look bigger and will talk more.

Yes, even though I have been so loathe to admit it, my baby is growing up.
Growing up to be an amazing little girl.
A child that has already blessed us beyond measure.

A child that while I at time cry tears of gratitude over, I am sure to be crying tears of frustration over as well.

This time, while it is a time of growth for her, is also a time of growth for me.
It expands me, tests me in ways that I haven't been tested before.
I have never had an almost 9 year old, an almost 4 year old and almost 2 year old before.

While they are growing, changing, opening to the world, as her parents, K and I are also going through the same changes.

Yes folks, THAT phase is upon us.


  1. I will pray that you guys have that extra dose of patience required but also that you have a few extra moments of joy each day to remember this stage by! Like you said they will never be this age again! I love two year olds four year olds? They scare the bajeepers out of me!!!

  2. Isn't it fun being a parent. We too have thousands of 'throw yourself on the floor tantrums' a day. Its a good thing he runs to give me a kiss randomly all day. :)