Sunday, September 4, 2011

Since we haven't had internet this is what has gone on

It's Sunday night.
We have basically been without the internets since Friday.
Well, really Wednesday but it was spotty then and completely went out on Friday.
I've missed you.

Life continued on as usual.

I discovered on Friday that Abby's hair fits into pig tails.
She looks so much bigger and spunkier with her piggys.
She actually liked to have them in but this picture is hysterical to me.
She looks absolutely forlorn.
Aw, man, MOOOOMMMMM! Do you have to take my picture again? This is SOOO embarrassing!
In my head she says this in a really teenage-y, angst-y voice.

K was out of town again a few days last week.
The girls and I kept busy.
On Friday evening we went to a football game at my old high school.
My step-mom works there and her mom retired after working there for 35 years.
The girls had a blast!

My niece was there as well.
Adison found some girls her age to play with while the little three ran around and giggled the whole time.
Abby was so funny, she clapped every time the band played and others started clapping.
She was really into it.

Adison stopped by for a quick second to check in and to ask for candy.
She was in her element and really had such a great time.

We finally convinced the little girls to sit for a moment.
You know to re-hydrate and to let the adults take a breather.


  1. OH I love her pig tales! Adorable! I used to love going to sporting events when I was a kid the concession stands were my favorite part!

  2. they are so stinken cute in pig tails

  3. Pig Tails?? SOOOO CUTE! Maybe I'll try them on Kaylin :) Glad you had fun at the football games, I used to looove going to games when I was a kid, I bet the girls had a blast!

  4. Looks like a fun few (albeit internet free!) days! Love the pictures, as always! :)

    I can't believe how big they're all getting! I mean, it just kinda blows my mind! Abby in pigtails?! WHAT! SO CUTE!

    Football here is nowhere what it is in the highschool didn't have a football team..I don't think that any of them in the county did..just not huge here. To be truthful, I've never even watched a full game. Nor do I understand the game, or the rules. I just get SUPER confused. Every time I ever try. :P