Monday, May 16, 2011

We could use some prayers

I spoke with Lee's doctor.
He had spoken with the ped gastrointerologist who said that they would wait 6 weeks with the rock sitting in her stomach before scoping her to remove it.
Our dr said that if it hasn't passed with in the next week or two that we would repeat the x-ray.
So we wait and pray.
Thank you so much everyone!!!
xoxo, me


Since I wrote the last post I have heard back from the doctor's office.
They recommended that we had an x-ray done to check out the situation.
So we headed over to the hospital to get it done.

After the x-ray {which Ainsley handled amazingly well} I asked the x-ray tech if I could take a peek at the x-ray.
There it was, her little heart shaped rock sitting there in her stomach.
The x-ray tech and the radiologist both agreed that the rock needed to come out.
The fact that it was still in her stomach meant that it was too big to pass through.
She said that she was going to call my pediatrician right then so I could wait to talk with him as well.

Lee's doctor wanted to know how big the rock was, it was measured at 2.3 cm.
They normally recommend doing surgery on anything larger than 2 cm but our doctor wanted to call a pediatric gastrointerologist to consult with.
Our pediatrician felt like we might not need to do the procedure done though.

He said that there are kind of risks with everything right now.
We could wait and see if she could pass it, which she could probably do, but there is a chance of it getting stuck in her small intestine.
If she happens to throw it up then there is a risk of it getting stuck in her esophagus.
She could also have a procedure done to remove it.

If we go with that option though, there isn't a surgeon in our city that could do it so we would have to head over to Kansas City {an hour and a half away} to get it done.

Right now none of the options seem like great options.
So we wait for our pediatrician to call us back.

Have I mentioned how impatient I am?


  1. Oof. :( I can't even imagine how scary those options are for you guys! Sending prayers and love.

  2. Will definitely pray for little Ainsley! She must account for the majority of your grey hairs that one! Love her!! When I was about her age I swallowed a handful of pennies don't ask me why I definitely gave my parents much of their grey hair!! By the way I was able to pass all of it so I guess you can say I made some real change!!

  3. oh sheesh. I hope everything turns out ok. I guess there is more than one way to marry a heart shaped rock.

  4. Oh my word! Praying for you and little Ainsley! I hate the waiting games! :-( Hope she passes it safely!

  5. Oh goodness! Brian swallowed a penny a couple of years ago and it took a few weeks for him to pass it. I didnt see him swallow it so his ped did an xray and confirmed it was there. We went back a few days later because his tummy was really hurting and they did a second xray and the penny was gone! I hope yours works out as well!