Saturday, May 7, 2011

Saturday Ainsley-isms

I don't know if it is because she is feeling better or what, but Ainsley was on a role today.
She had all of us hysterically laughing several times.

~We tease sometimes and tell the girls that "Mommy is a delicate flower."
I have no idea how or why this started, but it started.
Normally this phrase is used when the kids are trying to decide if mommy is the sneaky silly one or if it is daddy.
Today, she belts out chanting out of no where:
"Mommy is a flower and Daddy is garbage."
We all burst into laughter before admonishing her and reminding her that Daddy is very sweet too.
Since the laughter occurred first though, she thought it was hysterical to chant it over and over again.

~K went into the cupcake place to get cupcakes for Mother's Day.
While the girls and I are sitting in the van we see a cute little family with their darling, teeny tiny baby.
Ainsley blurts out:
"Mama, their baby is sooo cute! I feel like I'm gonna take their baby, it's so cute!"
Yes, this one did take some explaining and reasoning, but her delight over the baby was just too cute.

~This one I don't even know how to explain.
She just popped it out.
"Daddy, if you don't get me a drink you're going in my butt."
I do have to say that she is really into the whole potty humor thing right now, but again I have no words to explain this one.

~Last but not least and equally difficult to comprehend:
Mommy, I'm going to farm if I don't get a cupcake.
Yep, typical Ainsley random.
Makes no sense and came out of no where.

With Lee, there is never a dull moment.
Yes, she says HYSTERICAL things and 99% of the time we have no idea where they came from.
I think though that it's not only the things that she says but the way in which she says them.
They are always very matter of fact with the perfect comedic timing.

~Ainsley: Mama, did you know that I am allergic to bugs that crawl and fly?
Me: Really? What happens if you are around them?
Lee: I cough.

Me: K, did you hear this?
K: What?
Me: Lee said that she is allergic to bugs that crawl and fly.

K: *laughing* Oh really?
Lee: *theatrical whisper* Mama, tell Daddy that I am watching him.
Me: *laughing* K, Ainsley wants you to know that she is watching you *laughing*
K: *laughing* Hi Lee

~Lee: Mama, my neck if full.
She didn't want to eat any more dinner.
Her neck though?


  1. It must be the age with the potty talk my three year old nephew yesterday and I were waiting in the car while my sister ran into the drug store he was upset that his mom didn't bring him into the store so I tried to distract him by starting a game I said "Benjamin who ever sees Mommy come out of the store and yells Mommy first wins" He said "NO Auntie whoever yells butt first wins!" LOL Butt? Crazy kids!

  2. niece and grand-daughter are both potty training and the things they say I am a new follower come see me at

  3. Out of the mouths of babes :)
    Happy mothers day!

  4. Happy Mother's Day, Danna. I hope you have the greatest day.

  5. Bahahaha Danna!!! E comes out with the strangest things too.