Wednesday, May 11, 2011

I'm not having fun

Things are not all rainbows and glitter here at the house of cupcakes.
To be honest, they are the polar opposite.
I'm feeling very stressed and overwhelmed.

The air conditioner is out.
If you have ever lived in the Midwest with no a/c you know how miserable that is.
It's hot y'all and humid.
I think that it's been out since either late Sunday or sometime Monday.
I finally figured it out yesterday afternoon.
There are other things going on too.
Nothing bad or horrible.
But, I am grumpy.
The good thing is that I know that things will change.
Things will start looking up and getting better.
Right now though I am stuck in the thick of it.

I need a nap.

Instead I am going to listen to some Bob Marley and pretend like I am on the beach.

xoxo <3


  1. oh wow! It's been hot and humid here, too. I went over to my friend's house last night and hers is also out. We DO have a working a/c and I still had trouble sleeping last night.
    Hope things get better. I know they will :-)

  2. It is so cold today here in New England! My ex husband blew out my pilot on my heater a few weeks ago figuring hey its May why not? Well I don't know how to relight it and I am frozen! brrr. Sorry you are having a tough time of it, things will get better I hope!

  3. This is the worst feeling!! If you can't even be comfortable in your own home, everything else goes to shit. You can't sleep well, the kids won't sleep well, it's too hot to straighten things up around the house, or cook, or do laundry! BLERG!!! I'm sorry love... Hopefully it will get fixed ASAP?!

  4. Cheer up! Once the air conditioner is fixed, everything will be good again :) Heat fries the brain, and the mood.

    <3 Belly B

  5. oh no! So Sorry! If it makes you feel better I went to the doctor this morning and I have apparently caught some crazy childhood virus thing that could last for up to 10 weeks! Yay! Not! Lucky for me I dont feel awful, just get tired quicker. Hope your ac gets fixed soon. I have a guy but I am certain he wouldnt travel,lol.