Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Rock watch 2011 & bargaining with the tooth fairy

Rock watch 2011 is officially OVER!
Yahoo and Yippee!
I had been feeding Lee A LOT of fruit the last couple of days to really get her intestines working.
After lunch {with even more fruit} Lee declared that she needed to use the restroom.

This is a bit graphic, but I writing it out so we can remember all the embarrassing details for when she is older.

She was sitting on the little potty and really pushing hard.
At one point she was holding on to my leg and said,
Mama, the rock is stuck in my butt.

I was hoping that meant that the rock was really coming out, but I wasn't betting on it.
After she was done I got out the handy dandy plastic knife so I could begin my joyous task of searching through her poop.
It was gross.
At one point I *thought* that I could feel the rock and then couldn't, it was frustrating.
Then as I was going through the last bit of it I felt something hard.

Could this really be it?
Well, I can't think of anything else that would be this hard.
Don't getting your hopes up.
But it could be.
Huzzah! It's the rock.

I used some toilet paper to clean it off and then washed it, A LOT.

Lee was really excited and was squealing with delight.
I was super excited too!
My little girl is a-okay and there is no longer the fear of surgery!
Praise the Lord.

K and I decided to keep the rock, you know, to tease her about it when she is a teenager and brings a boy home to meet us.
Ha ha!


Adison lost a tooth while at my in-law's house the night before we headed out for vacation.
A little while after the tooth came out she lost it, but didn't seem even remotely upset or concerned.
I then proceeded to forget about the tooth all together.
I assumed that Adison did too.

That is until yesterday on the car ride home from school.

Mom, I am going to write the tooth fairy a letter.

Really, what are you going to say to her?

Well, I am going to ask her if I give her a quarter and a penny if she will give me one of my old teeth back.

Huh, what do you want to do with your old tooth?

I don't know, I just think it would be neat to get it back.

This entire conversation cracked me up.
I could tell by her tone that she had really put a lot of thought into this idea.
She never ended up writing the letter, but this story makes me smile.


  1. Yeah for getting that rock out the old fasioned way! Yeah for no more poop sifting! You rock Mama (pun totally intended..)I am so glad Ainsley is ok and all finished with the rock!

  2. Oh my! Glad everything came out ok. Your kids are so funny!

  3. I'm so glad Lee is OK and rock free! The things we do for our children.

    I think Adison has her priorities straight. My kids would just want the money. :)

  4. Oh yay for an official end to Rock Watch! I've never been so happy to see a rock come out of a rear end :)

  5. This story HAS TO BE printed it out and kept for when she's a big girl. It is too funny! Glad the headache is over and that all ended well. <3

  6. That's a relief to know she finally passed out the rock. Gosh, I would have been really traumatised by it all. Praise God indeed.