Wednesday, May 25, 2011


I am having a brain bleh day today.
I have NO IDEA what I want to write about.
I think that I will just turn my brain on and see where it goes.
Sounds like a marvelous plan.

Okay, so, starting with last night.
We did not get the terrible storms here that were predicted.
Others did get them though and that makes my heart sad and prayers go out.
I had been texting my mom a lot last night, they live really close to the Oklahoma border on the Kansas side and they had to take shelter at one point.
They were just fine though.
This is such an answer to prayers.

K and I decided to stay up until all the weather warnings passed.
We ended up having an at home date night.
It was nice watching a movie together.
We are both really tired though because the adviseries didn't expire until midnight last night.

It was such a relief last night to only have thunder, lightening and rain.
To be on the safe side though K and I got an emergency kit together.
It never hurts to be prepared.

Today brought more interesting weather.
This morning while headed out for Adison's assembly we had some flash flooding.

Sorry it's not the greatest picture. I took it through my rainy window.
This flood drainage ditch normally has a tiny little stream going through it.
This was shocking.

So, back to Adison's assembly.
It was her first time doing research and writing up a report.
She chose to write about Kate Shelley.
She got dressed up to resemble Kate Shelley {well, the closest we could come up with.}

Sorry the picture isn't that great.
My phone doesn't have a flash and it was dark in the auditorium.
What the kids did was they read their report and the audience had to guess who they were.
It was a lot of fun and I was really proud of Adison.
She did an amazing job!

Since it was the last day of school {and a half day at that!} we headed back to her classroom for a little celebration.
Adison's teacher has really been amazing.
We feel really blessed.
Adison learned a lot and was challenged.
Thank you Ms. L, you are such a great teacher!

After that we went over to my friend Clara's house to have some pizza and watch a movie.
It was such a nice time.
The kids had a blast playing.
On the way home Abby was so worn out that she fell asleep before we even made it home.

Tomorrow marks the first day of summer break for us.
My eldest is offically a third grader.
How did this happen so quickly?
It seems like once they start school the years fly by even quicker.

Hope you have a SAFE and wonderful Wednesday!


  1. All these tornadoes are terrifying! Glad you stayed safe!