Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Good, the Bad and the Funny

Okay, so I am thinking about mixing it up today and starting with the bad.

The Bad: Adison caught the cold that we all had, I hope that she can kick it quickly. Abby and Ainsley have been running hot and cold a lot lately, the go from being besties to fighting really quickly. The weather, sigh, the weather.

The Good: We had an amazing day at the zoo today. Well, actually, zoo then picnic then park. The kids had a blast. We went with my friend Clara and her kiddos. Abby was so worn out that she fell asleep on the way home, slept through me carrying her upstairs AND changing her diaper. Adison is done with school! We had sunshine today, can you believe that! Sunshine {we are supposed to have more storms tomorrow AND Saturday, boo}.

The Funny: Abby at the zoo was a riot. Today was the first time that she has really been into the zoo. Before she would sit in the stroller and look at everything but not really into it. Today she ran around ooh-ing and aah-ing everything. It was precious and really made my day. While we were at the gorilla exhibit Ainsley yelled really loud, "LOOK MAMA, THAT GORILLA HAS BOOBIES!!!! LOOK IT HAS BOOOOOBBBBBIIIIIEESSSSS!" It was hysterical, I tried really hard to not laugh, but come on, it was HYSTERICAL.

How about you, how was your week?

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  1. Oh my gosh, I totally laughed out loud at the boobies comment! Kids are so awesome because she was 100% right but it's probably not something most of us would shout about, lol.