Monday, May 16, 2011

Hello Monday, I think I liked Sunday better

Sunday started off like most Sundays do.
Child wrangling, feeding, playing, reading, house know, the usual.
Then something funny happened that I *kinda* feel bad about.

I sent Ainsley in to wake up K.
Somewhere along the way she found a ducky suction cup that goes with the bath toy bag.
She thought it would be funny to put it on Daddy.
So while I am in there she tried on his arm and back, it doesn't stick.
Then I have the BRILLIANT idea to stick it to his forehead.
I start giggling because it looked hysterical.
Lee then tries to pull it off of K's head.
He starts making this weird shrieking, protesting noise and then said that it hurt.
So I helped Lee get it off.
She then promptly puts it back on his head and repeats the whole pulling process which again garnered the shrieking, protesting noise.
Which of course results in my laughing, because seriously, it was funny.
It was then that K said something along the lines of:

You guys, please don't do that again. You know that is going to cause a big purple mark on my head.

Which of course resulted in Ainsley and I laughing again.
Only, I didn't laugh to long because when I looked this is what I saw.

Okay, so now I feel AWFUL!
Simply awful.
I profusely apologized.
He told me to prepare for retribution.
He mentioned sticking it on the middle of my forehead.
Uh oh.

I have a confession to make.
I could not restrain from hysterically laughing for about an hour afterwards.
I do feel really bad about makes me laugh too.
What doest that say about me?
Never mind, please don't answer that.

After that fiasco we met up with my dad, step-mom and step-brother for lunch.
We had a really nice time.
It's nice to catch up and chat.

We then headed home where I attempted to take a nap while K watched the kiddos.
Only to be interrupted by a screaming child who could only be soothed by mama {I totally love it} and my hacking cough which just refuses to acknowledge the eviction notice I served it.

After finally dragging my weary self out of bed I tackled some more laundry.
This is such an issue.
I then joined K on the back porch where he was grilling up some of our yummy Farmer's Market goodness.

We used the chicken on a delicious salad that we put together using more FM finds.
{We seriously ate the majority of that asparagus.}

While outside Lee found a rock {that was heart shaped} and declared that she was going to marry it.

She is obsessed with getting married.
I don't know why.
Oh well, I hope that she and Mr. Heart-Shaped-Rock are very happy together.

Not an hour after writing this, Ainsley swallowed the rock.
Well, that folks is the million dollar question.
I am waiting to hear back from the doctor's office.


P.S. To all the amazing peeps that commented on my posts this weekend, THANK YOU!
Thank you for your love and support.
Thank you to those who shared your stories too.
I know how hard that is and I am grateful.
This community is amazing.

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  1. lol I adore your kids. I totally would have encouraged the suction cup thing lol