Thursday, May 26, 2011

some of this and some of that

I have had a lot of thoughts and musings bopping around in my noggin.
Nothing big to really focus on, just jumbles of ideas.
I think that my current lack of focus is causing my inability to pick a topic to write about.
Sometimes I really like having a idea to focus on.
To swirl it around in my mind and think through everything.
To take a slice of a moment and focus on it.
To bring it into sharp clarity.
I also like to do my daily re-caps.
They help me to feel like my mom and the rest of my family can keep up with my children.
They are daily growing, stretching and changing.
Sometimes it occurs so quickly or over such a length of time that I am unable to recognize when the shifts occur.
I like to be able to look back at a post and smile.
It reinforces those memories.
You see, life these days is moving at full speed.
It is as I told my brother today when he asked if something was wrong.
No, it's just been a long day.
But, it is only 1:00.
True, but most days it has been a long day by 8:00 in the morning.
I don't mean it in terms of actual time, but in energy being expended.
The days are flying by, heck the hours are flying by.
There is always something to do or someone to help/cuddle/read/talk with.
Normally it is the little two as Adison has been in school during the day.
It will be interesting to see how the current dynamic changes with her being home all day.
You see, with the littles being so...well...little, it seems that things are always ebbing and flowing.
Best friends
Not best friends
Stealing toys
You get the picture.
Now with Adison being at home things are bound to change.
I look forward to it.
I will embrace it.
I will probably be looking at the clock waiting for K to get home as I am most days.
I have discovered that no matter how easy or hard the day I am always waiting and ready for him to come home.
I look forward to the camaraderie.
The partnership.
The laughter and talking.
The ability to say, "Go ask your father."
I didn't realize that having the littles being two years apart would be so hard.
I know that people do it all the time and a lot of people have kids that are closer together in age.
But Adison and Ainsley are five years apart.
That was easy peasy.
The hard thing now is that Ainsley is only 3 and Abby is only 1.
They are both such little things.
They both have a lot of needs and they have zero patience right now.
Zero tolerance for the other getting or having and them needing to wait.
It is hard trying to give all the attention and meet all the needs our two precious little ones.
I thought that it would get easier as they got older but to be honest, right now is much harder.
They are both Mama's girls {and I'm loving it} and both need their mama when they need their mama.
I am trying to enjoy all of it because I know that it will end all too soon.
But when you are in the thick of temper tantrums, needs, wants and just crying it is hard sometimes to remember the fleetingness of this moment in life.
I know that I have mentioned one or a thousand times, but the fact that Adison is now done with second grade is shocking.
She is growing up really quickly.
Yesterday after our pizza and movie at Clara's house she thanked me for taking them over there.
After a moment of shocked silence followed by a "You're welcome sweetie" she said,
Is that the first time that you have heard that?
Not only did was she thoughtful about thanking me but she was also able to interpret my shock.
Not that I expect a thank you for that, but it was sweet.
It is another everyday moment to cherish.
My girl is growing up and maturing.
Just what we hope and pray for.
It is happening, slowly but surely the way that we want growth to come.
So, here I sit.
With all of these {and many more} thoughts swirling about my mind.
Wondering what tomorrow will hold.
Betting on a smattering of hugs and kisses, time outs and explanations.
Tomorrow will hold much magic and enchantment, but you can rest assured in the knowledge that I will be waiting for K to be home at the usual time.

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  1. New follower here!

    I have two girls and one more on the way due in july! I am so excited, but so nervous to be taking care of 3 and giving them all the attention they need.