Thursday, May 19, 2011

It was a tearful morning

My baby is now 18 months old.
I know that I have requested it before, but can we PLEASE pretend that 18 months = baby and not toddler?
Thank you very much.

Abby's 15 month appointment was an abysmal affair.
She cried and cried and cried.
It broke my mama heart into a gazillion pieces.

Today there were a lot of tears too.
She HATES going to the doctor.
Hates it.
Every single stinkin' minute of it.

I feel really awful for our doctor.
Luckily he doesn't take it personally.
He even said so...and it's not his first time mentioning it...I really hope that means that a lot of his patients cry the entire time.

My girl is now 21 lbs 11oz.
She is in the 10th - 25%, but on the chart she was a tiny bit above the 10th %.
Yep, my baby is a tiny dancer.
She is now 32 inches tall.
50th to 75th %, right there in the middle.
She has a typical large noggin like my other girls, although hers is the smallest.
75th - 90th %.

Her umbilical hernia is getting smaller.
Everything else looks amazing.
She is developmentally right on track and doing great.

Then came the part where he asked about her being sick the last couple of weeks.
After hearing her symptoms he decided that it would be a good idea to clean out her ears so that he could get a better look.
It was torture.
The first ear she kicked and screamed and was attempted to flail her arms all over the place.
It took the doctor, a nurse and myself to hold her down.
For the second ear she put up a bit of a fight, but not as much.
{Let me tell ya, it feels absolutely awful to have to do this. Knowing that it is necessary and helps eases the guilt, but ugh, mama needed some cuddle time with her afterwards.}
Luckily her ears look fine.

After that came time for her vaccines.
Ugh, yep.
She got shots.
She again cried and cried.
I wanted to cry with her.

Now she is sleeping.
I hope that when she wakes up she is feeling okay.
It's just hard since she was JUST starting to feel and act better, that this could mean more not feeling good for her.

Remember this photo from a couple of weeks ago?
I am praying that she doesn't feel this bad for a long time.

While there, one of our wonderful nurses gave Ainsley a talkin' to about not eating rocks.
I may or may not have cracked a grin when this happened.
Ainsley looked properly instructed and repentant.
Let's just hoped that it actually worked.
**fingers crossed**

P.S. after her appointment and getting her down for a nap, I totally needed to rest.
Lee and I laid in my room and watched a movie.
Taking the kids to appointments wears me out.


  1. Awww...I can imagine that your mama heart was broken. Glad you were able to take a rest afterwards.

  2. Poor baby and Mama! I had K at a dentist appointment with me yesterday, and he just sobbed. I hate it when they get so upset, and don't understand that every thing is ok. :-( Glad she is doing well!!

  3. Poor Mama it is probably harder on you! Abby probably has already forgotten the trauma of it all! I am glad the nurse took time to talk to Ainsley LOL! No more rocks for snacks! Silly girl! Hope you have a great weekend!

  4. OH man... I can't imagine how painful it is to see your little girl cry like that. I bet it is little consolation that it's for her own good. Sweet baby girl. Give her an extra snuggle and kiss for me <3