Monday, May 2, 2011

So, it's Monday

Monday has rolled around again.
I really shouldn't be surprised when it rears it's ugly head, I mean, it does it every seven days.
Today though I just want it to be any other day.
I am tired y'all.
Sick and tired.

I woke up this morning not feeling well at all.
I am ever so grateful though to be feeling like this today rather than when we having our vacation.
Wouldn't that just be awful, to be bed-ridden while on vacation?
Ugh, perish the thought.

To say that we had an action packed 4 days would be an understatement.
There were 13 of us there, which is always a whirlwind of fun.
The kids are at really fun ages and there is always so much going on.
The adults had lots of fun talking and laughing.

My favorite excurstion of ours was the cave tour.
We visited Bridal Cave in Camdenton, MO.
{Again, I am paranoid about putting specifics out there before and during.}
The nice thing about this cave was that it was small child friendly.
Ainsley {3 years old} was able to walk the entire thing while holding my hand.

She was so funny.
Our tour guide told everyone to NOT TOUCH ANYTHING.
The oil on your hands can cause the formations to stop growing.
While walking through the cave Ainsley would sporadically remind me in a hushed theatrical whisper:
Mama, DO NOT touch the walls.
Mama, remember, we can't touch ANYTHING.
Have I mentioned how much she cracks me up?

Okay, so I just got the pictures off of my phone from our trip and realized that there are 34 of them!
So, I think that rather than try to write a huge recap post I will just put the pictures up with a caption if needed/wanted.

The first three pics I texted to my parents.
We were half way to our destination Osage Beach, MO.
We were all still happy and smiling, that's always a good thing.

I know that I posted this pic last time, but I love it.

The next three pics are from when K and I took Adison to the arcade.
In the last pic, that weird thing that looks like my hair is really a cord from a game.

This picture melts my heart.
I love seeing my honey with my babe.
We were at a state park and the kiddos were coloring with sidewalk chalk.

This is the view from down the road a bit at Bridal Cave.
It is breathtaking.

I took a lot of pictures at the cave, but I think this one is just amazing.

Abby eating or rather bathing in her food.
Homegirl here LOVES black beans, seriously loves them!


  1. Feel better!! It is so hard being a Mommy & being sick! I'm over sickness around here. K has a fever, again!

  2. Oh I hope you feel better soon and get some rest and relaxation. I know it is easier said than done with 3 little ones!

  3. Sorry you are sick. Your bean covered girl is so sweet. I just read another Missouri cave post from Life of a Sippy Cup Mom--Meramec Caverns. I'm thinking Missouri is the place to be for caving. :)

  4. I hope you feel better soon. Love the photos!

  5. We were BOTH at the Bridal Cave last week? How fun. We were there on Monday. Too bad we didn't run into each other but I think our visits were days apart.

  6. What amazing pictures! It looks like the trip was a hit! Sorry you aren't feel well though... perhaps too much fun? ;) Get better!